Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Charlotte Gerson Therapy

Notes from above link to Gerson Therapy Workshop:
fibromalgia, iron deficiency, allergies, chronic fatigue,

Diseases come from Toxicity & Deficiency

No fluoride. It is an enzime inhibitor. It is a poison. Don't sit in fluoridated water. No proof that it has prevented any cavities. Fluoride blocks energy. It is highly toxic and Cancer causing. It holds sodium in the body.

Your minerals are from organic minerals from fruits and vegetable juicing.

Chlorine is easily removed with filters. Fluoride can only be fully removed with distilling.

Avoid pasta, bread, popcorn

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Summer fruits are the best fruits there are. If you want to heal you must give your body nutrients.

Drink 13 glasses of juice in a day so there is no need to drink water. Drink herb tea at night if you are thirsty.

Tumors grow from oils. The only oil that helps is Flax Seed Oil. Essential fatty acids are to

Edema, she saw a woman's legs, after completely reduced in 8 days to her natural slender leg shape.

Oatmeal is best for breakfast gives a soft cushion for the juices. 
Apple gives pectin is soothing and helps to digest the green juice.

This is for the Gersen cancer patient!  
Forbidden items for SICK people:

Salt, Nicotine, oils (only flax seed oil)
Bottled canned salted foods
Commercial bottled drinks, baking soda, 
Candy cake chocolate, cream, cucumbers don’t digest, 
Epsom salt
Flour is poor - no nutrition, no bread, 
Permanents in hair
Ice cream,
Most spices, soy, black tea, drinking water, 

No Bragg’s or any other aminos

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