Monday, October 19, 2015

Emergent Church

As we see fellow Christians go down this destructive road, let's identify their
Distinctive Teachings and Goals:
The world is radically changing and the church must radically change with it.
Since the Church has been culture bound for so long we must reexamine and question every belief and practice in the Church, finding new ways to define and express these.
We have no foundation for any beliefs, therefore we cannot know absolute truth.
Since we cannot know absolute truth, we can only experience what is “true” for our communities.
Since we cannot know absolute truth we cannot be dogmatic about moral standards.
Since we cannot know absolute truth, dogmatic preaching must give way to a dialogue between people of all beliefs.
Since propositional truth is uncertain, spiritual feeling and social action make up the only reliable substance of Christianity.
To capture a sacred feeling we should reconnect with ancient worship forms.
Since sublime feeling is experienced through outward forms, we should use art forms in our worship.

Through conversation with them, “outsiders” will become part of our community, and then be able to understand and believe what we teach...“People in a postmodern world are not persuaded to faith by reason as much as they are moved to faith by participation in God’s earthly community.”
All are welcome to join the “conversation” as long as they behave in a kind and open-minded manner.
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