Saturday, August 31, 2013

Botkin Family Education Webinar

$39 to sign up for this weekly whole-family event, 
running every Tuesday evening from 
September 3 to October 15. 
Subscribers can submit live questions and 
get permanent access to the recorded sessions.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The “Evangelical,” Dispensationalism and War by David R. Seppi


Are you one of the growing numbers of Americans who are disgusted with the perpetual Evangelical support of Middle East wars?  Do you feel animosity when you hear words like “warvangelicals” and “Armageddonites?” Why this link between the Christian and aggressive war?  Few realize that the false doctrine of dispensational premillenialism is the source of the evangelical backing of Israel “no matter what.” The evangelical voting block enables the Israeli government to control Congress, causing America’s inescapable Middle East wars.  Look at the response of evangelical leadership to Ron Paul.

During the 2008 presidential debates, Jon Basil Utley noticed how Evangelicals seemed to care more for war than for any other issue candidates held.  While watching evangelical leadership respond to Ron Paul, the limited government, pro-family, anti-abortion, constitutionalist, he noted “they consistently favored a Gingrich or Rick Santorum - big government “conservatives” who were always quick to espouse war and ‘back Israel.’” 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dinah Seppi & Dustin Reeder Wedding

Dustin & Dinah
 Photographer Amber & Joseph, Blake
Peter with his Irish Flute
The Little  'uns
Rehearsal Day Breakfast 
Rehearsal Dinner
Groom and His Mother
Seppi Ladies
Bride's Maternal Grandmother
Famous Famas
Sign In
 Darcy, Mary, Lance
Paul & Bonnie 
Marvin & Pat
Patrick & Wendy
Michael, Anna,, Joy, Charity
Pearl & Marcelino
Bruce & Hannah
Judy & Kenny
Philip & Vicki
Joshua & Erica
Vernon, Butch, Loretta
Cassie & Josh, Willow, Jessica
Prelude by Talon 
Peter led the way 
on his penny whistle
Dustin & "Grammy" Judy
Brooks & Rhonda
Garret & Danielle, Amelia
Leland & Audry
George & Becky
Lance & Esther

Jodavid & Abigail
Greg & Regina, Mercy
Victor Escorts Melody
Landon & Bethany
Levi & Sabrina
Bride w/ her Father
Peter and Dustin Sing 
with Garret Accompanying on Guitar
"For Man to be Alone"
America & Sierra
Dinah & Dustin
Lance spoke on
 Building Gardens in the Ashes 

Dinah & Dustin with Ringbearers
Rev. Mark Rushdoony
Just Married
David & Esther
Emily on Harp
Jefferson and Liberty Reel

Celebrating Together, then...
Came to Steal
the Bride
Peter the Piper
Arise My Love
And Come With Me