Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Head Coverings by Dinah Seppi

I think I Corinthians 11 is pretty clear as to if a lady should wear covering. Verse 6 tells us, “For if a wife will not cover her head, then she should cut her hair short...” (English Standard Version)
I have heard that R. J. Rushdoony said that when women start wearing head coverings, that is when this country will change because there is no other reason to do it other than that God said to.
Here are some of the things I enjoy about head coverings:
It reminds me of the fact that I am God’s little girl in His Kingdom.
It reminds me that am under the protection and providing care of my father (and mother), who I am to submit to under the word of God. This is a submission only insofar as his commands are properly in accordance with the laws of my Heavenly Father.
It makes me unique, which I love. It says “I’m a Christian and not ashamed of it. Got a question?” I especially like wearing it in public. It identifies me as someone who has convictions. Searching people often ask questions. A homosexual asked me about why I believe in the God of scripture. Homosexuals especially love to wear the clothing of who they are. They want everybody to see what they are wearing and be reminded of their message. So do I.
I have seen people who do not even know me, start talking about God.
Men in general like head coverings. But ladies are typically worried what other women will think of them.
The reaction I get from people, when wearing them is: inquiry, tolerance, great awe from men, but sometimes, a supernatural hatred.
If a gal does not like lots of attention for wearing a head covering, a more fashionable head covering such as a stylish hat or feminine wide head band is a great option.
Head coverings are distinctly feminine. They should be the outward decoration of a reverent and servant-hearted woman.
I do not believe that head coverings are something to be superstitious about.
People can, "‘major on the minors’ and miss the big picture.” This is true. I do not confront women on head coverings because women are the most sensitive to peer pressure and fashion.
Clothing standards must be governed by God’s word, as should every area of life.
God bless you as you serve Him and your family this week.


Esther said...

You may not see the bees flying around in the photo but this shot of Dinah working queens was snapped by Ross, a filmmaker, last year doing a documentary on the bee crisis.

Quiet Mom said...

Lovely post. Simple truth - love it!

Cheyne said...

Hi Dinah,
I was wondering what you think of verse 15:
But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: *for her hair is given her for a covering.*
I don't desire a big debate on this subject, just was curious what you thought on this verse. It is for this verse that my Dad does not believe a covering is necessary. And we do have long hair! If I didn't, you can be sure I'd be wearing one! But, as Debi Pearl (have you heard of the Pearls?) says, it is more so a matter with what your father or husband want as Paul says 'But if any man seem to be contentious,*we have no such custom, neither the churches of God*' (16). . Many call it an 'extra' covering.
Blessings, Cheyne

Dinah said...

Thank you, Cheyne. I just added verse 6 at the top. Does that help?
Yes, we too, have been blessed by the Pearls. We can learn a great deal from people even though we don't agree in everything.

Cheyne said...

Thank you Dinah for your reply. Our family uses KJV only, and it differs greatly in the reading of vs. 6.
You mentioned that men in general like head coverings. I haven't found that to be quite true, but maybe I'm in a different crowd. I do know that men really like long hair. My own is over 2 feet and my older sister's is longer yet. I know that her husband wouldn't let her cut it off, nor cover it.
I believe that God's word clearly states that a woman's long her is her covering. It is also her glory.
But let us not be contentious.

"Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth." (Romans 14:22)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I have found since I started covering, that people's attitude towards me changed for the better. I have of yet not received any negative reactions. However, visitors to my church often look at me strangely as I am the only one who covers there. Do you also feel the peace and calm and contentment when you are covered? I surely do!

swiths said...

Hello, as a father of 2 wonderful daughters who are considering head coverings, (on their own), I thought I would express an opinion as a father who in the past opposed head coverings but now sees it as historically and Biblically accurate. In response to "a more fashionable head covering such as a stylish hat" you mentioned, we have such a woman in church, and her hat always bothered me and would have made me oppose head covering even futher had it not been the Holy Spirit's guidance. I think because it is still of a worldly fashion and a compromise, (fear of peer pressure), she wears it and why it bothered me so. Yet, recently we had a woman who wore a simple, yet beautiful head covering that fit close to her head along with simple dress and her appearance softened my heart and I felt as if she was my own daughter. My two girls took to her quickly and befriended her. My daughters have never felt any attraction to the first woman, yet the second one they said they could feel the Holy Spirit's presence. Praise God for her simplicity! Please don't take offense, we are each in spritual growth, but the fashionable hat speaks worldliness to me.

Verla said...

Hi Dinah,
I have been wearing hats for about a year, but would like to switch to something more like what you are wearing in the sewing picture. My hair is very fine and curly and doesn't grow very long, so I don't need anything long, but I do love the lacy look of your head covering. Where do I find that? Thanks, Verla