Friday, March 26, 2010

Grace, Beauty & Dignity by Dinah Seppi

It easy to get off to myself and not care about how I look. Something that has really been impressed on my mind lately is, "Why do young ladies have to look beautiful?" "Why do girls have to have manners?" "Who says what is boyish and what is feminine" "Why can girls not act, sit and talk like boys?" I have come to the conclusion that having good manners is a gift we give to those who have to look at us. Same with dressing in a neat and beautiful way, it is a gift to those who look at us all day.

Sometimes it is easy to think “Mom will say, 'No,'” or “I’m sure Mom and Dad will have an aversion to____.” But, asking, “What to you think about____? Is it ever appropriate on certain occasions?

Our behavior is a picture of the order, beauty and creation of God. When I was young, I never knew that my dad had particular likes and dislikes about clothing because I really did not care what he thought. All that mattered to me was that I could get all dirty in the garden and nobody would get upset. All that matters is the heart, right? Mrs. Botkin said about what we wear: just please your husband. Do what he likes. And don't worry about everybody else. My mother loves that. Because no matter what group of people a lady walks into she may never fit in. And for a girl all that really matters is that she pleases her father and mother, so long as it does not go into conflict with God's word. Yet, no matter what God provides a lady to wear, if a girl is joyful, confident in the Lord and ready to serve others she will be a more valuable and beautiful than jewels.

“…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty” 2 Cor. 3:17


Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to see young ladies acting like young ladies. I do not like driving down the street and wondering if the person walking down the road is a male of female. I am glad you are listening to your parents and desiring to be a young lady. God will honor your submission.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dinah for posting this. It is so encouraging.
You are one of the sweetest and most beautiful ladies I know, mostly because of your beaming eyes, beautiful big smile, and heart to serve the Lord and your family! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, my mom wants to know if you grew those radishes yourself already this year?

Nick Jesch said...

Dinah said: “Yet, no matter what God provides a lady to wear, if a girl is joyful, confident in the Lord and ready to serve others she will be a more valuable and beautiful than jewels.”

This is SO true, and yet so rarely lived out. I'd far rather find a Wife who lives this, but has little to wear beyond a simple and plain clothing. Fine brocades and silks are nice..... but do not contribute to peace and prosperity in the home. Such a heart as you describe does. Let peace and prosperity come into a home, and nice clothes are easy to add. Start with the fine clothing as an idol, and peace and prosperity will likely elude.

You have the right of it..... and well spoken.

Funny thing, when I first saw that image of you holding the bunch of small, round, red things, I took them to be small red rosebuds. And I thought "she looks like the classic romantic". When I saw the larger image, I realized "those aren't roses, but radishes!!". Then I thought "she is so practical". The fun thing is, you'd be as much at home with the bunch of red rosebuds as you are with the radishes!!! And a rare thing that is.
(its interesting you folks down there are already harvesting huge bunches of big red radishes, its still so cold and wet here we can't even put the seeds into the ground yet.... maybe in another month)

The Kautts said...

I thought the radishes were flowers, too!

Thank you for posting this.

Johanna Kautt

Esther said...

Once Dinah came in with a bouquet of about 40 beets. It was amazing!
On Feb. 5, Regina & Dinah planted radishes, peas, beets, european greens in the soil, and basil in flats.
They also planted tomatoes, beets, turnips, peas in Jan. & Feb.
Our favorite planting time is in late winter just before a rain. The seeds come up evenly and the weather is not too hot. Dinah loves radishes because they mature quickly.

Anonymous said...

Those radishes look great. We did about 3-4 plantings last year of radishes. They were so yummy.