Thursday, December 15, 2016

God is Not a Pacifist

The Bible is not a pacifist book. Christianity is not a pacifist religion. Pacifism is humanism. The Mennonites and the Anabaptists are not Protestants, they're not Evangelicals, they are humanists. It is not the radical branch of the reformation. It is the humanist attempt to hijack the reformation. There is nothing Christian about pacifism. Pacifism has a false idea of God; it thinks God is soft and weak. It doesn't understand the wrath of God, the holiness of God. Pacifism has a false idea of man: it thinks that man is basically good. But, the bible makes it clear, and the Reformers reiterated this: man is basically depraved, sinful and selfish. Pacifism has a false idea of the reality of the world. It thinks that the world is able to be improved by laws. It cannot be. The world can be improved by the regeneration of individuals." ~Peter Hammond

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Spirit

"Christians have celebrated the incarnation and nativity of the Lord Jesus on December 25 since at least the early part of the third century--just a few generations removed the days of the Apostles. By 336, when the Philocalian Calendar--one of the first calendars of the Patriarchal church--was first utilized, Christmas Day was already a venerable and tenured tradition. Though there is no historical evidence that Christ was actually born on that day--indeed, whatever evidence there is points to altogether different occasions--the conversion of the old Pagan tribes of Europe left a gaping void where the ancient cult festivals were once held. It was both culturally convenient and evangelically expedient to exchange the one for the other. And so joy replace desperation. Celebration replaced propitiation. Christmas feasts replaced new moon sacrifices. Christ replaced Baal, Moloch, Apollo and Thor. Glad tidings of great joy, indeed."
~From Christmas Spirit by George Grant and Gregory Wilbur, pg. 103

Linus - What is Christmas About?


In the US, in 1928, it was a crime to have in one's possession a bottle of whisky, but legal to have a bar of gold. Then, in a few short years, the matter was reversed: the whisky became legal, and the gold illegal. In either case, the "law" was an arbitrary act of the state, not an expression of fundamental morality, as with the Ten Commandments. ~Sovereignty, R. J. Rushdoony

Thanksgiving to God for His Abundant Kindness