Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Day

One Tree After Another
Knocking 'em Down


Peeling Potatoes

Floor Plan

Dragging it Away by Chain

Plenty of Dough

Someday soon we pray we will have an ag building here.

Jon & Beth Wedding Reception Video

It encapsulates live period music, candle-light setting, mini-concert by Nathan Clark George, English Country Dancing and fire-works.

Must See!

A Feast of Rejoicing!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Time to Organize

New Queens


Gary Advising Us

An Overnight with Friends after JBS Costa Mesa Council Dinner

Watching our first Indiana Jones movie with Stephen's commentary.
Spielberg likes smoke, lots of silhouette and shoots through things to create depth.
Melody piped up with "That's Frankfurt School asthetics!"
and I felt like we were back at the Academy.
Movies are never so fun as after SAICFF!
Stephen has made several film shorts of his own
and is helping other young filmmakers with their projects. ~RJS
Regina talking with Mike

Jodavid & Dinah

Jackie & Esther

Patio Breakfast
It's gonna be pretty.

A Model of our Dream Honey House

Marking Trees to Make room For Building

Trees Destined For Removal

Ron Paul & Larry McDonald, Congressmen - Physicians Voted Against the Swine Flu Vaccine

Obama's First Changes

Voddie Baucham on Assault Weapons and Homosexual Marriage

Having grown up in south central Los Angeles, I cannot say that I have always been an gun enthusiast. I used to think guns were only used for shooting people down in the streets. I never wanted to own a gun. Nor did I think anyone should...

Monday, April 27, 2009

The JBS Council Dinner

A retired engineer for McDonell Douglas tells Regina about mercury, his daughter in Alaska, corn syrup. He thinks bees may be dying because of genetically engineered crops.
Margaret Fang, who was born in Taiwan after her parents fled Communist China,
sang our Nation Anthem and God Bless America
The gentleman on this end, Mr. Clark Curry,

spoke on wonderful things happening in Oklahoma.

Afterwards we had a delightful time talking with him.

He was instrumental in getting

The Truth Project shown in many churches,

followed by Mr. McManus's excellent Overview of America.

"Don't forget the spiritual factor."

Mr. Curry said, reminded us in his talk,

Psalm 128:1 "Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD,

who walks in His ways!"

One of the most influential men in their coalition is a window washer.

He and his wife were unable to have children.

Both are dedicated Christians and Birch members with a heart for people. He washes windows listening to talk shows, staying up on news and researches.

State legislatures - even Senators -- call him regularly for advice on legislation.

They call him "The Professor."

Oklahoma was the only state to increase in Republican legislators-

-for the first time in 100 years Republicans are the majority in OK senate.

Through the efforts of some great people there,

these legislators are better educated then most Republicans

and voted to stop the NAFTA Super highway in Oklahoma.

OK-SAFE started by George Wallace

surveys candidates asking them questions,

like "Where to rights come from?"

(Hint: whoever gives rights has the power to take them away.)

The Declaration of Independence says, people are

"endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights…

and for the protection of these rights governments are instituted among men.”

Candidates are invited to speak,

debate and answer questions.

OK-SAFE then endorses and supports

candidates they see are best.

Out of 56 they endorsed, 35 won in the last election.

Wednesday the legislature voted to

overturn the call for a Constitutional Convention 90 to 6.

Jeff Skinner, 2008 Presidential Candidate ~ Dr. Chuck Baldwin and JBS CEO Art Thompson

Please visit Chuck's web site at

"A Culture Of Surveillance"
By Chuck Baldwin
April 28, 2009

"...George Bush wanted amnesty for illegal aliens. Barack Obama wants amnesty
for illegal aliens. George Bush supported the assault weapons ban. Barack
Obama supports the assault weapons ban. George Bush wanted to limit the
legal rights of certain people charged with crimes. Well, friends, Barack
Obama also wants to limit the rights of people charged with crimes..."

To subscribe, click on this link and follow the instructions:

John McManus with Mrs. Patty Compeon

Mrs. Compeon was born in Mexico came here as a girl with her family.

She is a school teacher, mother of three and
the the brave wife of former Border Patrol Agent, Jose Compeon.
Mr Compeon and Ignacio Ramos were convicted two years ago
after shooting at a drug smuggler
they thought had pulled a gun on them.
The same smuggler was caught bringing another load
across the border during their trial.
The jury was not told.

"My [extended] family in Mexico tells me that
there are tanks in the streets to control the violence.
They would love to be here, but, they will not come illegally."

Mr. Baldwin on Lou Dobbs said,

"Let's set the record straight McCain would be no different then Obama

when it comes to the growing police state, immigration or spending."

He said that McCain, on seeing Obama's choice of cabinet members said,

"I could not be more pleased with the people Mr. Obama chose for his cabinet.

I would have chosen the same myself."

Obama is not going to end the war.

It will mearly be shifted to another country Afghanistan then likly Pakistan.

"Perpetual war is a tool of globalists to enslave us here at home."

Mrs. Compeon thanked everyone for their prayers.

"I am here by the grace of God, after being a single mother for two years.

without your prayers I would not be here, I would be curled up in a corner somewhere."

"You have been fighting the battle for -- 50 years? I want to stand with you."

"I say all across America The New American is the greatest news magazine in America.
I even got my mother-in-law reading it."
"It was a grueling campaign, but great to speak especially at colleges...
There is still a hungering and thirsting for liberty."
Chuck Baldwin described students who came because he was a candidate,
or because Ron Paul had endorsed him, who were sceptical.
By the end they were taking all the literature they had and passing it out.

Dinah, Mrs. Compeon, Regina, Esther & Melody

"My mother-in-law told me
she prayed for her son that God would use him.
She thought maybe as a priest. "
She didn't dream God would use him before the whole nation
with two years of solitary confinement after a railroaded trial.
Patty laughed, "I said 'God, there you go with your since of humor.'"

Lance and Victor with "Mayor Dave" from Arizona

Meeting Mr. Barber, from Florida,
who has worked with Kent Hovind and Creation Science Evangelism
Mr. B. was one of the 4000 babies that Dr. Ron Paul delivered.
Bill Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American.
Through the courtesy of Mr. Jasper,
Jose Compeon and Ignacio Ramos
both received The New American while in prison.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama Positioning For Backdoor Gun Control

On his recent trip to Central America, President Barack Obama did more than
cozy up to Marxist dictators; he also signed onto an international treaty
that could, in effect, be used as backdoor gun control. It appears that
Obama wants to use international treaties to do what congressional
legislation is not able to do: further restrict the right of the American
people to keep and bear arms.

To read the rest go to:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The American Form of Government

This video is made by our dear friend John McManus who simply explains forms of government.

Many think good government is too complicated to understand. The scripture commands us that in our getting, get understanding. God can use us, just like Daniel in his time. Problems do not mean the end of the world is here. God may give us another thousand years. Our job is to occupy until He comes. Our prayer is "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Growing Police State

Our Inalienable Rights Are Given By God

For Updates See

Real life stories from one big happy family!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress is Biblical

Luke 14: 26 ~ We must put Christ first, before father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, and even our own life!

If at first you don't Secede.....Try, Try again :)

Secession is an important Constitutional principle.

John Wycliffe said, "This bible is for the government of the people,

by the people and for the people."

Abraham Lincoln perverted the quote

by removing the word "bible,"

making it look like a we are a democracy (mob rule)

rather than more accurately a constitutional republic.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Starting a Business

Age 9 to 15, Lance carried around a Walkman cassette player while mowing and weed whacking Grandma's half acre yard for $10 each week, and later more.
Lance spent his money on valuable tools: books, a hammer, measuring tape, mop bucket, wet dry vac, a hand truck,
rolls of the new state quarters.
When Lance was about 12 or 13, he asked,
"Mom, look at this picture. Could I buy that Lego Confederate & Yankee chess set?"
"No Lance," I thought it would not be a good investment.
He had a plan, "Mom, how about if I read the WHOLE BIBLE through?"
"Sure, Lance," I couldn't turn that offer down.
And He did.
Lance nailed himself to the recliner and read and read and read for a month and a half to get through the old testament. We thought we could go ahead and order the chess set but...
We learned that the chess set was not for sale. It was a young man's creation.
Eventually Lance spent all his state quarters on starting their bee business.
April of 2002 Lance and Victor got their first four packages of bees in the mail.
A dedicated homeschooling father, Gary Wooten, discipled Lance and Victor in beekeeping.

Elizabeth Serven and Jonathan Ten Dolle Wedding ~ (today!)


Notifying the civil authorities of their covenant

Watch their wedding at:

We were blessed to meet Rebecca, Elizabeth's older sister last August at WCWC. Rebecca is one of the most genuine godly young women I've ever met.

Later, we met Beth and Jon at the Film Festival in January.

I watched this wedding with tears rolling down my face. It was simple, very Serven. This family is reaping what they have sowed and the fruit is good.
~Regina Serven Siblings:
Rebecca, Nathan, Elizabeth, Peter,
Benjamin, Sarah, Lydia, Andrew, Joel
Elizabeth with her parents

"...prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." Rev. 21:2

Some exhortation from Mr. Serven at the wedding:

A husband is the PROVIDER, PROTECTOR, PRIEST Lead your family in seeking the Lord, spiritually washing her in the word daily, AND PATRIARCH.

A man leaves and cleves for the purpose of establishing a new household as a new covenant head, not a dominator giving fear. One flesh includes friendship and learning to think like one another. Sacrifice yourself daily for your wife. See in this marriage a picture of Christ and His church.

Speak the truth in love.

Children are a blessing and a reward.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doug Phillips on the Tenth Ammendment

Doug and son, Joshua at the Alamo
San Antonio Tea Party
April 15, 2009

Amendment X:
The powers not delegated to the United States
by the Constitution,
nor prohibited by it to the states,
are reserved to the states respectively,
or to the people.

What does this mean in plain English?
Here is what that means:
The federal government
is NOT our nanny.
It is NOT our mother.
It is NOT our doctor.
It is NOT the high priest of a new secular religion.
And despite the remarkably arrogant statements of politicians...
The state is NOT our Savior.
That designation is reserved to one person only--
The Lord Jesus Christ who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
and to whom the author of Psalm 2
declares that the nations of the earth
are to bow to Him.

Free Download of Doug’s Speech

“We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient.

He reigns in Heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His Kingdom come.”

~ Samuel Adams

Student Council of 42,000-Student ARC Community College Passes Vote to Officially Oppose LGBT Day of Silence

Sacramento, CA—In a Council chamber overflowing with students, the Student Council of American River College voted 11-5 to pass a resolution putting the 42,000-student Community College on record as opposing the LGBT Day of Silence, Thursday.

“The passage of this resolution marks new progress for Community Colleges,” commented Vladimir Musorivschi. “The Day of Silence has been used to suspend religious students at local schools for wearing Bible verses on their shirts. The Day of Silence is truly about silencing the voices of religious students and we will oppose this censorship.”

The audience was packed with students who spoke out in favor, and against, the resolution. Those in favor, arguing the controversial Day of Silence was an attempt to silence Christians, while those opposed argued the day was only about protecting homosexuals and transsexuals from violence.

The hour-long Council meeting ended with the majority vote siding in favor with students arguing for religious protection from censorship associated with the Day of Silence. The resolution met the required 2/3rds vote to pass.

“We are concerned about the Day of Silence being used as a propaganda and intimidation tactic which seeks to suppress dissent, such as what happened in the former Soviet Union, where some members of the Student Council escaped from,” commented Student Rep. George Popko. “We do not want to see our State and National governments attempt to use this to silence Christians."

This is not the first time American River College’s student council has been in the news for taking up controversial subject matter. In September, the Council voted 8-3 to endorse Proposition 8 – an action that led some students to lead a vigorous recall campaign attempting to unseat the student leaders who supported Prop 8. The recall failed.

Adding to the controversy, student body elections are next week, creating a stirring dialogue on campus from the classroom to the cafeteria.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

South Valley Tea Party

T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Parties sprang up all over the nation this April 15.
From the oil field to the refinery:).
A long train of oil tank cars blocked our way to the civic center.
I am thankful for industry still here in the valley.
Our friend, "Indian John," and Melody

Audrey W. helping her family

Her mother, Melanie said,
"I don't want my children enslaved
under such an enormous tax burden
that they can never retire or live a normal life.
This is not just about taxes
it's about the need to represent the people
and not just special interest groups."

The Federal Reserve is neither Federal or a Reserve.
It is a private bank owned by several other banks, half of which are oversees.
Ron Paul has put forward a bill to audit the Fed.

Casey B. a life long resident of the city,
came with his wife and two daughters.
"Kids nowadays don't realize what this country is really about."
He wants his girls to be prepared.

When Israel asked for a king "like all the other nations." God warned them that he would take the best of their vinyards and olive groves, the best of their young men, to serve in his army, their daughters to be his perfumers, cooks and bakers and the best of their servants.
Israel was asking for bondage.
God told Samuel "They have not rejected you,
they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them." I Samuel 8

Organizers estimate 1500-2000 people were standing
in front of the Civic Center and Liberty Bell.
A security officer pointed out that the crowd was overflowing unto the street.

This TEA Party, was organized by first grade teacher Julie D.

Robbie B. from Great Britain

Talk show host Inga Barks emphasized taking back responsibility:
"We've got to lean on each other. We've got to give to charity."

Children carried hand written signs: "Fiscal Child Abuse" and "Stop Mortgaging My Future"
"it is immoral to this [debt] on to our children." Taft College professor Harold Pease said.

Pastor Chad Vargas closed in prayer.
He thanked the sound man Mike, for volunteering.
"The sad thing is he is able to be here because his business, Stockdale Music,
was put out of business by taxation and regulation."

Taylor C.

Businessman John Lake told the gathered crowd that he'd asked his accountants to show how much money of the business revenue went to taxes.
Their conclusion? 67 cents on every dollar, leaving only 33 left.
"There is no easier money to spend then someone else's money.
The Government cannot give anything it does not take from someone else -- that's you!"

Indian John answering a question about why Ron Paul is for
repealing Lincoln's 14th ammendment.
The ammendment allows for everyone born in the US
to automatically be a citizen.
The problem is, it is now used for illigal immigration
and instant qualification for welfare benefits.

Mon collecting signatures for the Campaign for Liberty.
Mon went to Birch (now Freedom Generation) camp as a teen.
Once a Bircher always ready to serve in defense of the Constitution
and the proper role of civil government.

"Less Government, More Individual Responsibility

and with God's help a Better World." -- JBS motto