Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FIRST "GM" "Government Motors" Car Built

Short Must-See clip
only about 5 seconds
Sent to us by William F. Jasper


Nick Jesch said...

Heeey, that thing ran real well.. for a while. Just like our economy, right? What amazes me is that our ever-"wise" government has deigned to remove the executives of General Motors for their "incompetence" (who were NOT on watch as the trade unions ran amok 25 years ago, creating much of their current problems) yet leave the very bank executives in place who perpetrated the fraud and theft that is now our "crisis", and who presently declare their banks to be "solvent" while holding their hands out begging for trillions more of MY money. Hey, at least with GM, Ford, and Chrysler's failures I can vote with my wallet and buy a Mercedes instead. But with the banking fraudsters (during Al Capone's day they were called "Banksters") I've no option, as my ever greedy "uncle" performs his legerdemain, extracting the "bailout" cash from OUR pockets involuntarily.
Sooner or later, though, truth will out, and I do believe this scandal and fraud will make things like the Teapot Dome scandal and the S&L scamming of late last century seem like kindergarteners playing mudpies in the backyard. Sooner, rather than later, would be good, I think.........

Nick Jesch said...

I remember being in Nicaragua during the Sandinista reign (I mean, the first one with Ortega as "president, not the current one) and seeing the Lada cars there. They are produced by the Russian government in factories with "socialist" labor.. who didn't care a fig whether they did anything right. The car itself is basically the old Fiat, designed and produced by the Italian government, rehashed to be made more cheaply, as if that were possible. Absolute pieces of junk, but the Russian government sent shiploads of the wretched things to Nicaragua to "help" them during their self-inflicted political/economic crisis. Then, there are the Renault cars, made in France by a government factory, also wretched pieces of "engineering" and "workmanship". They are so bad that, after having met a few of them, wrench in hand, I soon enough made the policy decision to no longer work on them. So, the three examples of government manufactured cars with which I am familiar, Lada, Fiat, Renault, are among the worst cars I've ever seen/ridden in/driven/repaired. And, the years the British company BMC were under government control are the very years of the poorest quality and design, leading quickly to the demise of all those marques... MG, Morris, Austin, Triumph, Jaguar, Rover. All cars earlier examples of which were some of the best and most fun motorcars one could own. I know, because I've had, and repaired for others, all of them. I can only imagine the depths to which GM and the others will descend once government "efficiency" comes to the fore. Meanwhile, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, will continue to offer safe, secure, reliable, confortable, affordable transportation for the world. Ah, are not trade unions wonderful inventions?

Esther said...

We lost your e-mail address, Nick. Could you give it again?
~ Esther