Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Wonderful Cross

Thank you James McDonald for sharing this with us!

Which voice will we follow this Resurrection Day?

The Crowd or the Cross?

Listen, you hear two voices:

Which is louder to you?

The Crowd says, "Follow us."

The Cross says, "Follow me."

The Crowd, "Rely on yourself."

The Cross, "Rely on Me."

The Crowd, "Earn your worth."

The Cross, "I am your worth."

The Crowd, "Bear your burdens."

The Cross, "Nail them to Me."

"Because of the cross my interest in

the crowd died long ago." Apostle Paul

The Cross says, "Be Holy."

The crowd says, "Be Happy!"

The Cross says, "For Love's sake endure it."

The Crowd says, "Honor yourself."

The Cross says, "Humble yourself"

The Crowd says, "Do."

The Cross says, "Done."

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