Monday, February 25, 2013

Almond Pollination

Blossoms Popping Open
Bees are Ready

Natural Family Planning?

"I do not believe a person is to try to prevent the blessing of children in any way. Naturally or otherwise. I am completely content to leave all pregnancies in God's hands and believe that the Lord brings children in His time. The intimacy of marriage should not be separated from the blessing of children. 1st Corinthians 7:5 speaks to a couple abstaining for a time to give themselves to fasting and prayer but I have never seen anywhere in Scripture where we are to try to prevent children. In Genesis 38:6-10, Onan tried to prevent having a child for his brother and the Lord slew him... 
I was thinking this morning about family planning and Psalm 127 came to mind. In  this psalm, the fruit of the womb is called a reward from the Lord. Thus, who are we to try to prevent His reward?” ~ Megan Peterson

"Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother.
What he did was wicked in the LORD's sight; so he put him to death." Genesis 38: 9-10

"Those sins that dishonor the body and defile it are very displeasing to God and evidences of vile affections." Matthew Henry

"The voluntary spilling of semen outside of intercourse between man and woman is a monstrous thing. Deliberately to withdraw from coitus in order that semen may fall on the ground is doubly monstrous. For this is to extinguish the hope of the race and to kill before he is born the hoped for offspring. This impiety is especially condemned, now by the Spirit though Moses' mouth, that Onan, as it were, by a violent abortion, no less cruelly than filthily cast upon the ground the offspring of his brother, torn from the maternal womb. Besides, in this way he tried, as far as he was able, to wipe out a part of the human race." (Calvin's Commentary on Gen. 38:8-10)

Strong words like this are shocking in our day! Seems like Onan would be pleased to give life to one who would inherit his brother's estate since he was pleased to marry the widow. 

Steve Wilkins states, "Human beings were made for the society of marriage. Unless a man was given to gift of celibacy, it is not just a privilege to be married--it is a divine obligation. Men are commanded to seek a wife and should take it as seriously as any other command that God has given...He is a fool who thinks he can live by himself." 

A young couple should be prepared to have children when they get married. You can grow in your relationship during marriage and child bearing. It's never perfect. To divorce the marriage relationship from bearing children is perverse. Seems like those who do often end up setting aside the marriage relationship for just living in the same house but in separate bedrooms. Everything should be done in faith to the Glory of God.  

Many great people have been born out of extremely difficult situations: Moses, Jesus...The greatest theologian of the last century, R. J. Rushdoony, was conceived while his parents were fleeing the Turkish genocide of the Armenians.
R. J. Rushdoony noted, the rejection of fertility marks a suicidal age and the end of society. 

Some who are the most demanding that their wife use birth control and get furious with her for getting pregnant are the most proud of those "unwanted" children and later their grandchildren.

Doug Phillips reminds us that the bible calls debt a curse and children blessings, yet many apply for curses and reject blessings.

Women in the bible grieved over barren wombs, and cried out to God for children. Today, many are in a crisis over positive pregnancy tests. 

 God created marriage.  Man did not come up with the idea:

Malachi 2:15 
Has not the LORD made them one? In flesh and spirit they are His. And why one? Because He was seeking godly offspring. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with the wife of your youth. 

Obama Unveils Assalt on Gun Rights

A series of recent military exercises in major cities including Miami and Houston have alarmed residents and even local officials, many of whom were reportedly unaware that the drills would be taking place in their jurisdictions. The Obama administration's controversial “urban-warfare” scenarios included low-flying black helicopters firing blanks out of machine guns, heavily armed troops rappelling onto buildings, and more.

More than a few commentators have expressed concerns about the true purpose of the training exercises — especially in light oftroubling anti-constitutional political developments in Washington, D.C., and the increasingly unstable economy. However, authorities assured media outlets that there was no cause for alarm and that the drills were just “routine” operations to keep American forces ready for urban warfare.

The most recent military exercises in urban areas were held this week in Texas — one over Houston and another in Galveston. In southeast Houston, U.S. Army Special Operations forces working with other agencies used unmarked military helicopters to “take over” a former local high school in the area as heavily armed men in fatigues ran around firing what most frightened residents assumed were live rounds.

"When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst," area resident Frances Jerrals told a local ABC affiliate after witnessing the highly controversial exercise. "I felt like I was in a warzone. … It was nonstop. I was terrified." Other residents who spoke with reporters expressed similar sentiments, and emergency services reportedly responded to multiple.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birth of Mercy Jeanne

 Regina consulted Healthy Pregnancy while in labor
 Greg Reading Peter Hammond's Victorious Christians
  [Not yet available in the US  -  Frontline Africa books]

 Greg Showing Dinah how to Use his Video Camera
 Dr. Leslie later told Regina that she will not deliver a vaginal birth
until 18 mos. following a C-Section birth.
Where does Michelle Dugger find someone to deliver all her v-backs?
 Greg's Baby Mercy
 Close Family
 Mercy's  first bath wasn't her favorite.
Mercy with her Grandpa & Sister, Abigail

Blessed Family
Mercy & her Grandma
 Midwife, Jessica

Regina & Pediatric Nurse
 Mercy w her Grandma & Aunt Nichole
Mike loaned Mercy his bassinet from 25 years ago.

 Pastor Jonathan & Marcia Merica
 Mercy & Aunt Melody
 Greg's Girls
 Mercy & Her Great Grandma on Lucy's 94th Birthday
 Mercy & Her Aunt Nichole
 Mercy & Her Grandma
 Mercy gained a pound in just two weeks.


 Grandma's Tatting
 Melody with Her Grandma
Dinah's Welcome Home for Melody & Me ("Mom")

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Theology Is A Life And Death Issue

What we believe dictates what we do. Ideas have consequences, whether good or ill. 

If we didn't have a Trinitarian Eternal God, all forms of governmental systems would be askew. We would either have Pantheism leading to anarchy or we would have a top-down centralized government (with a false god like Allah). Trinitarian covenantal Christianity creates forms of government that have limited powers. 

We don't view marriage or family as an end in and of itself, but as means to build and advance Christ's kingdom. For instance, we don't idolize the patriarch, but his position is given and limited by God. God's law regulates marriage. In the trinity the Father begat the Son and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, eternally. In the family, the father, mother and children are equal in value, but have differing roles and responsibilities. With trinitarian thinking we have the one and the many, order and diversity, brought together by God's Word.

Theology is vital.

Christianity today has abandoned the Law of God. It has embraced humanism, man's law. It therefore has no basis to combat the "emergent church" or Sharia law. Rather than preach that God will covenantally judge all rulers, nations, and peoples that refuse to bow the knee to King Jesus, they embrace humanism. Not only has the Church not fought the battle against evolution it has embraced evolution, to the point that in Christian universities there are more pro-evolution Religion dept. heads than science dept. heads. Christians for the most part send their children as "missionaries" to be educated by the Romans and are surprised that they come back apostates, committed to serving the State.  Muslims have an optimistic view of the future, believing that their (false) religion will convert the whole world. We serve the Living God who is "reconciling the world to Himself." He is the King to whom all Kings must bow. We must embrace this and be more optimistic than the followers of a false god. 

"For He must reign until He has put all 
His enemies under His feet." (1 Cor. 15:25)