Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birth of Mercy Jeanne

 Regina consulted Healthy Pregnancy while in labor
 Greg Reading Peter Hammond's Victorious Christians
  [Not yet available in the US  -  Frontline Africa books]

 Greg Showing Dinah how to Use his Video Camera
 Dr. Leslie later told Regina that she will not deliver a vaginal birth
until 18 mos. following a C-Section birth.
Where does Michelle Dugger find someone to deliver all her v-backs?
 Greg's Baby Mercy
 Close Family
 Mercy's  first bath wasn't her favorite.
Mercy with her Grandpa & Sister, Abigail

Blessed Family
Mercy & her Grandma
 Midwife, Jessica

Regina & Pediatric Nurse
 Mercy w her Grandma & Aunt Nichole
Mike loaned Mercy his bassinet from 25 years ago.

 Pastor Jonathan & Marcia Merica
 Mercy & Aunt Melody
 Greg's Girls
 Mercy & Her Great Grandma on Lucy's 94th Birthday
 Mercy & Her Aunt Nichole
 Mercy & Her Grandma
 Mercy gained a pound in just two weeks.


 Grandma's Tatting
 Melody with Her Grandma
Dinah's Welcome Home for Melody & Me ("Mom")


Melody Joy said...

Oh! How precious! I'm so glad you finally posted pictures! :D I was just itching to see them! :D

Congratulations! I am so happy Regina and Mercy are doing well. :D

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Re: Michelle Duggars VBACs. She shopped doctors until she found one who wasn't concerned about the shape of her uterus and who had good malpractice insurance. Typically it takes a good year and a half to get the body back in shape for another pregnancy especially after a C-section. Mine were 19 months apart and I had to have a 2nd section because she was in trouble.

Congrats on a beautiful baby and happy parents.

Lanita said...

What a beautiful little lady.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Why did she have to have a c-section?