Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Neo-Conservative is a Marxist

A neo-conservative does not believe in ending abortion, [that would definitely be too radical for them].

A neo-conservative does not believe in getting rid Social Security, the unlawful tax-and-spend policy that has buried our economy in debt. You pay into the system. The government immediately spends it. Your children pay in to sustain you. That is why, with the imploding birth rate, euthanasia is on the table. European countries who have adopted socialized medicine are implementing euthanasia as is done more overtly in the state of Oregon.

A neo-conservative does not believe in getting rid of our Socialized Medicare and Medicaid or fazing them out in any degree.

A neo-conservative does not want to get rid of the welfare/warfare state.

A neo-conservative believes that homosexuality is a right to be defended.

A neo-conservative does not believe in getting out of the ungodly United Nations or in repealing NAFTA, GATT, WTO, or any of the other imperialist schemes of the ruling class.

A neo-conservative believes that the U.N. can solve the war-peace thing better than independent nations ever will.

A neo-conservative believes that the State, as the new Messiah, will solve every problem, spiritual, familial, and economic; and that the state, sovereign over the family, is the only legal and the best teacher of children. “The chief function of schools is to plan the future of society.” Harold Rugg also stated, "The elimination of history is really the key to the whole program for a new social order."

A neo-conservative believes that a healthy caretaker government is necessary for the common good, especially if it’s scientific and secular rather than religious.

Neo-Conservatives are not for raising taxes. Rather, borrow and print the money! Printing more money, inflating our currency is just another tax in disguise.

Irving Kristol said “A Neo-Conservative is a liberal mugged by reality.” In other words, a neo-conservative is one who is thrilled with capricious meddling wars, Statist social programs, and believes that the agendas

of the scientific, secular, sovereign State takes precedence over those of the family.

Irving Kristol, the godfather of Neo-Conservatism, stated, "We...accepted the New Deal in principle, and had little affection for the kind of isolationism that then permeated American conservatism."

In other words, neoconservatives seek socialistic big government (as in the New Deal) and champion American meddling in the rest of the world's affairs, favoring the Trotskyite strain of Socialism as their stepping stone to inter-dependance and eventually world government.

by Lance Seppi and Melody Seppi


The Kautts said...

Wow! Great little article, but packed with truth. I am glad to see someone identifying the "traits of a neo-conservative". Sadly, John McCain, exhibit A of neoconservatism, won the Arizona senate Primaries today. Ugh.

Keep the Faith,
Caleb Kautt

Missy Kelm said...

America shouldnt have homeless, starving abused children---the states monies r not helping these children!But these children exist!!!

Regina said...

We agree, Missy. The poor need to be cared for -- but not by the state. The state was created to punish evil, like executing murderers, not to practice charity. The church and people are responsible for the poor. But right now churches are spending more on building projects and programs then helping widows and orphans. It cannot happen overnight, but I know at least one church who spends 1/4 of all the money that comes in to help single mothers and keep them off welfare while the families in the church practice hospitality and teach children without a father how a family is supposed to be.

Tatiana Nelson said...

Who will build freeways? Will church print currency as well?

Regina said...

Hi Tonya, Good question. In the Constitution, Congress has the power to "coin money" and build post roads. They do not have the power to practice charity. All powers not delegated in the Constitution “are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” (9th Amendment)

God created civil government, church government, family government and self government. Each sphere has different responsibilities and authority. For instance, parents are responsible for the training and care of their children. But if someone commits a crime against their child, the civil government is to punish that crime.

God's word commands accurate weights and measures - another way of saying a righteous currency. (Deuteronomy 25:15, Proverbs 11:1) Isaiah lamented that in Israel "silver has become dross." (1:22) That is what our government and many others are doing by using paper money, (not attached to a gold or silver standard) which can be printed endlessly, making the money we have less valuable. Historically, every government that has gone to paper currency alone had gone bankrupt.

The church ought to teach the word of God which includes “You shall not steal.” When millions of people practice self-government of not stealing from each other, they will elect representatives who will stop stealing from tax payers.

Unknown said...

we need more people like you in France :-)