Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Nation is Lead by Godless War-hawks

If we go to war with Iran, the price of gasoline is expected to triple. Are we fighting because we have a "favorite nation?" God shows favoritism to no man. Israel is today an atheist rebellious people. We must not fight wars for the ungodly nor to enforce UN resolutions. All nations have responsibility to arm & protect themselves. 
It is not the USA's job to micromanage who has nuclear weapons. Are we playing God raising certain nations up while putting other nations down?  Nationalism is always imperial, never confines itself to one nation.
China has 2,000 nuclear weapons, & has threatened to strike us and pointing them at LA, while we go after the defenseless smaller nations!
War is the furtherance of political agendas by other means. War is the health of the state. If we want to grow the state and become slaves to it, press forward in these godless wars.  


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Priscilla Muñoz said...

Perhaps if the LORD wills someday, the US may be switched into the same place Iraq, Afghanistan and the other countries we police. Perhaps then, the American people will be convinced that this tyrannical way of dealing with other nations is ungodly.