Saturday, August 21, 2010

PedigreeTrophy Pets, Pedigree Trophy Children

 Some get their children into the best colleges and look like the world. Their whole life is woven into a web of practical blasphemy. It is a win-win situation. If their kids turn out to be superstars they brag; if they turn out to be super problems, they can still brag and say, "Woe is me; I have a child that has ADD, ADHD."
Is there anything wrong with having a pet and showing affection and devotion?
No, and nothing wrong with desiring the happiness of your children. But because you are doing it for yourselves, judgment is falling on you.
The point is the attitude of the heart. If you do it for your own selfish reasons that are anti-God, the anger and the wrath of God is heavy on you, and your society, and your culture, and maybe even your family. We can be judged by it.
Families that are turning God's battleground into a playground: When we say Children, let's just enjoy ourselves; it's a playground! Let's have fun. Let's do what we want. Let's do it for our own enjoyment. We are discipling our children to be comfortable in a death culture that has the wrath of God abiding on it.
Since the 1840's the most effective evangelists of this death culture have been main-stream Christian parents because they impart a theology of morbid selfish lawlessness to their children when they say things like, "Let's just have fun and enjoy ourselves." If they put aside the commands of God for their own little environment.
Here are the characteristics of a death culture:
-Parents nourish a morbid preoccupation with self:   Do what you want, son. What do you want?
-Parents minimize the value of a child's soul.  Parents tend to indulge children because they fail children in their spiritual responsibilities and they carry the guilt of that. If we cover the guilt that is weighing on us, we tend to bend over backwards for their demands.
-Parents are unwilling that their children bear the cross of Christ in moral responsibility. They go to church but don't want to get overboard with it. We want you to grow up and get into the best colleges. Parents do not insist in obedience to any aspect of God's law.
The American Dream is an idolatrous love-affair with mammon at the expense of Biblical obedience.
If God is the King, He needs to rule over every nation. We need to disciple every nation to be ready for His rule. Even pagans will be afraid not to conform to God's standard, to act like Christians and think like Christians and talk like Christians even though they are unregenerate in their hearts. This was true in the American Colonies.
You can get Geoff Botkin's "Children as Pets" here at

Geoff Botkin in the photo above enjoys playing music with his daughters. But he teaches them that the world is not a playground; it is a battleground. Mr. Botkin has a large family and is a great teacher on making the world Christ's disciples.


Missy Kelm said...

I dont put Gods commandments aside when i put my feet up with my fam and friends to have fun and share joy!!!pleeaase!!!

James Pennington said...

Has GB written any books?

Regina said...

He said he is writing one and asked for prayer that he can finish it. They also want to do a feature film this year. Though the joy of Benjamin's wedding must be taking center stage. :)