Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is Public Education Necessary?

Samuel Blumenfeld sites Horace Mann who wrote these words: And what citizen of Massachusetts would not feel an ingenuous and honorable pride, if in whatever direction he should have occasion to travel through the state, he could go upon no highway, nor toward any compass, without seeing, after every interval of three or four miles, a beautiful temple, planned according to some tasteful model in architecture, dedicated to the noble purpose of improving the rising generation, and hearing evidence, in all its outward aspects and circumstances, of fulfilling the sacred object of its erection? on p. 192 of Is Public Education Necessary?

Steve Wilkins writes: The public schools would become the chief instrument in implementing the revolution the enemies of Christianity desired. Schools became the new temples of the new religion of Man. The teachers were new priests. Man, or more precisely, 'humanity' as incorporated in that state, became the new God and remains so to this day.
Puritans made Massachusetts a mature and civilized society. An architect of the public school along with Horace Mann,  Orestes Brownson, wrote: The great object was to get rid of Christianity and to convert our churches into halls of science. 
Mann gave his views of how these  schools could be turned into beautiful temples of learning. 
The destruction of the public school's so-called "neutral" education has led to Boston today as an immature and uncivilized society. 


Missy Kelm said...

You were a public teacher how long Seppi???Public education is the great equalizer for al cultures in America!!

Melanie Dixon said...

Geared for those needing specialized education: Learning disabled or gifted labeled. Often those in the middle are adrift. Many sign up simply to get the label.

Joseph Perrin said...

Secular humanism has steered our children away from the Lord. May He forgive us for that and bring everyone back into His fold.

Adam Brink said...

Missy, that is precisely the problem: it is the socialist/marxist equalizer. Christian culture is superior, pagan culture is inferior. When Marxists wanted to change America, they used the government schools to do so. To equalize all of the cultures in America thereby eliminating Christianity.