Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Dr. Dunn gave us an ultimatum:
Remove braces now
or have teeth pulled.

Mom asked for headgear.

This is rarely done now.
It is worth it to keep all my teeth.

Jodavid's Warehouse Model

We're Gonna Win!

On Regina's birthday, 
Melody is showing that this is the minute 
Regina was born: 6:33 AM

Morning Walk past the Wheat Field

Marvin's Woodworking Shop

Going to the 
San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival &
 Christian Filmmaker's Academy in Texas


Superstup said...

Lots of kids still wear headgear to help their teeth problems. Hang in there, and keep your eye on the prize !

Anonymous said...

When my daughter started her braces treatment I specifically requested she receive headgear. My older son had to wear braces twice because he refused to wear his rubber bands. Headgear is a lot easier than having to do random elastic inspections.