Saturday, November 1, 2008

David & Stacie (Lang) Johnson Reformation Wedding

One critic of the Reformation said, on hearing of the marriage of Martin Butzer to Elizabeth, that the Reformation was more a comedy than a tragedy, because it always ended in a wedding.
October 31 is Reformation Day. Dave and Stacie chose that evening to make their covenant.
The Wedding Party

Ask for the Old Paths, where is the Good Way, and Walk Therein.

David knelt and Presented his Sword to his bride, Stacie.

Stacie's Vows

At the cross

Ah! That was sweet!

Jill, lighting the way. The hall was dark before the flash lit it up.

Alisa & Andrew
Andrew says "Thank You - Welcome" when he is given a compliment.

Vence & Luke

Reformation Dinner

Jill & Andrew

A New Brother,
A New Sister

A New Mother, A New Daughter

A New Family New Relatives

And a host of Christian Friends

Brandon & Matt came up from LA for the event.

David & Esther Seppi Family
Darryl & Sallie Klocke Family Nickolas & Mattie

Warren Mark & Jill Campbell Family
Ready to Go!

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