Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Response to Irish Blog Comment

Some of the dancing looks fun on Youtube. My favorite is this one:

Connemara Irish dance group [Not especially modest ~ but a great work out!]


Like every people group, the Irish have beauty, art, great stories and some mighty people to contribute. But like every group the best thing is Christ.

Lance gave a Sunday School lesson on racism a few weeks ago. He used Marshall Foster’s opening quote at Jamestown describing the European tribes before Christ. The Celts were known to run into battle naked, painted blue and even to eat their enemies afterwards. But then the Bible came. Whenever the Bible is taken seriously, God changes nations. Scotland sent out more missionaries than probably any other nation besides the US.

Ireland, an island that Rome did not bother to conquer, sent men who evangelized all of Europe, working off the tiny Isle of Iona.

The Protestant/Catholic conflict comes partly from when English kings gave Scots free land in Ireland, bringing resentment to an already fractured land.

I am thankful for Obama in that he is a more honest socialist. [That is he acknowledges himself to be a socialist.] And his election is driving people to their knees. An alert and purified church is far more important than who is president, though political messiahs are some of the most dangerous men ever -- combining power with their people's worship.


viktor c said...

I have no idea about history though I love it, I hate public school! Often when in high school I would find a good book in the library and wanted to 'eat it' I had homework and due dates - horrible dumbing down machine!
Our culture (evangelicals in former soviet union) does not approve of any kind of dancing,(because the world did it) but it depends on why people dance, I think. David danced before the Lord to make himself vile in his eyes, to abase himself, but the Exodus Israelites got up to dance after eating, to praise the image of the calf and to enjoy themselves - an abomination.
It is interesting how the scotts mixed techno music with their folk violins.

Regina said...

We can all be frustrated with our lack of education. But God can use that frustration to make us want to give better opportunities to our children.

Some of the best resources I’ve found for History are R. J. Rushdoony’s American and World History CD or tape series, Vision Forum’s History of the World Super Conference CDs and Worldview student conferences. These transform dishwashing into exciting times of learning.

I have only studied Ireland in the last couple months.
Your statement regarding what brought nations down is thought provoking. I’ve looked at immigration as Providential. God uprooted people from lands that oppressed them – like Scotland – and settled them in lands He chose to bless, like America, where Scotts led the war of Independence. The Irish immigration was another traumatic uprooting. But most of them landed in time for the civil war and too many served as cannon fodder for a statist revolution.

Dancing says a lot about where a culture’s heart is. It’s one of those “religion externalized” things. We’ve done Hebrew dancing, which is fun and expresses worship and celebration. Otherwise, Dad sees it as romantic and would rather that we wait till we are married.