Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Write-In Chuck Baldwin!

Chuck Baldwin is the ONLY candidate on the ballot who is 100% pro-life, pro-secure borders, against the USA PATRIOT Acts, and against the wars! Chuck Baldwin is the only candidate who has the coveted A rating from Gun Owners of American and pro-secure borders group Numbers USA.

Stop illegal immigration & reject amnesty

Protect American jobs, workers and wages

Bring our troops home to defend our own boarders

Stop the bankrupting of America ~ end all unconstitutional spending

Abolish the IRS

Declare null and void all un-Constitutional gun laws

Restore National Sovereignty ~ Withdraw from UN ~ Reject North American Union
Defend Marriage ~ one man, one woman

Eliminate Federal control of Education

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act & restore Constitutional money backed by gold

Defend the rights of life, liberty & property

Dear Constitutionalist,

Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party nominee for President is on the ballot in 37 states in 2008. The Constitution Party made some definite progress in the area of ballot access in 2008. For example, the Constitution Party achieved ballot access in Illinois and West Virginia for the first time ever. Nevertheless, unfair ballot access laws and the exorbitant costs related to ballot access are still an obstacle for the Constitution Party in some states.

Unfortunately, Chuck Baldwin and his running mate, Darrell Castle, will not be on the ballot in California snd Arizona for the 2008 election.

There is good news however! The Baldwin/Castle ticket has qualified here as certified write-in candidates. As such a write-in vote is counted every bit as much is a vote for a candidate whose name appears on the ballot. While it is true that being on the ballot is preferable to waging a write-in campaign, write-in campaigns can make an impact. In fact, in 2006, although our Illinois party was not on the ballot, its candidate for Governor, Randy Stufflebeam conducted a vigorous, aggressive campaign for Governor and secured over 19,000 write-in votes, an Illinois state record.

With the endorsement from Representative Ron Paul, the Baldwin/Castle ticket has enjoyed increased visibility and support all over the country including states where they are not listed on the ballot. We want everyone who supports Chuck Baldwin to vote for him regardless of ballot status. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging you to not only write-in Chuck Baldwin for President, but to spread the word and encourage your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same. Remember, a write-in vote for a certified write-in candidate counts every bit as much as one for a ballot listed candidate.

For further specific instructions relating to writing in Chuck Baldwin in your state, please find your state contact HERE.

We have a chance to secure an enormous write-in vote if voters are reminded that they have that option. Please help out by spreading the word.

Thanks for your support!

Gary Odom

CP National Field Director

Baldwin Campaign Coordinator


Nick Jesch said...

Mr. Baldwin is definitely on the Washington State ballot (along with an amusing lineup of strange ducks...), obviating the need to write him in. Knowing Washington to be solidly in the camp of the Dems, it made the decision to cast my vote his way simple... it would not constitute a vote for Obama.
Now we've seen the results, and unless someone comes forward and demands irrefutable proof of Obama's natural American birth and he can't provide such, it looks like we're in for at least four years of his policies. One can only hope that, during that time, more citizens are awakened to see the clear path we are on as a culture and DO something about reversing it.. starting in our own hearts, families, towns.... a return to submitting to God's laws and ways (which we have clearly left behind in favour of other idols) is our only hope for a continued measure of peace. But then, perhaps our Sovereign Lord has another plan up His mightly "sleeve". We shall see. Not that McCain would have set things right in any event. His favouring of surrendering our national sovereignty to UN and International courts was the final straw against him in my mind. It will be an interesting ride, these next years. One comfort, though, is that a nation generally moves slowly, and so I don't expect us to be in total disarray in that time. At least, not yet.

Esther said...

Thanks for all your comments Nick, you think well in so many ways! Thank you for taking time to affirm.

The Kautts said...

I voted for Mr. Baldwin (it was my privilege to vote for Ron Paul in my state's primary), and it was such a consistent thing for me to do so. There was no way I was going to even entertain the idea of voting for "principled" McCain, and I would NEVER vote for Obama.

I totally agree with Mr. Jesch, McCain is basically the same as Obama, and Bush for that matter.

I am encouraged by people like your family who actually think about the consequences of choices before voting! Thank you for standing for Righteousness in an day and age when so many are led-astray by "smooth talking politicians" who are not interested (for the most part) about America, just their pocket-book.

God's richest blessings!
Abby Kautt

Esther said...

Dear Abby,
Thank you for your great response. I am thankful that God has provided good men to vote for in the past several elections. Blessing for America IS possible. God is on His throne. He makes our way straight. God wants His people to KNOCK, SEEK, ASK. The truth is available, though it seems few SEEK for understanding.
We are thankful for you.
It is refreshing to hear from you!