Monday, March 22, 2010

Regina’s Almond Butter

Grind 2 cups Roasted Almonds in Vita Mix on high speed. (Raw almonds require more oil for spreading.)

Add one teaspoon Vanilla or lemon peel, orange peel or grated citron.

½ tsp. Salt

When almonds are ground to powder, reduce speed to low and let run for 1-2 minutes.

They will turn buttery.

Add 1-2 Tablespoons Grape Seed Oil, or other mild tasting cold pressed oil.

I usually finish mixing by hand.

Note: To roast almonds, heat oven to 350o

Put in cookie sheets of raw almonds (one nut high, not piled) and turn off heat. Leave for several hours or overnight. This will give a light roast without burning them.


Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful. I will have to try it. I have bought almond butter in the store but they always add oils to it and it just doesn't take very well. Plus it is really expensive. I will have to order some of your almonds and make some.

PS How do you roast your almonds? I have never roasted nuts before.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding the instructions for roasting. I can't wait to try it myself.