Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So Happy Together

I Love You
Adding One

With Peter's Grandpa & Grandma
Head to foot, she's prepared
to be his bride.
Peter is prepared to be her perfect groom,
wearing the tie she bought for his 20th birthday.
Melody has a wonderful new mom & sister.
Wedding Bands
Last Moments with Melody
Sneaking Up
Missing Melody
God is Growing Us

Our Day Has Come
Greg & Regina
Abigail, Mercy, Iona
Her Hair is Up
Joshua & Fama Family
Lance & Megan
Peter is taking her away.
God Gave Me You
"She's Mine"
Three Generations
of Next-to-the-Youngest
We are grateful to Dan who brought Mother to the park for photos.
This is the pic Mother wants enlarged.
She is front and center.
Love You!
Lida's Norwegian Wedding Cake
Neices and Nephews Now
Love That Girl
Making Music Together
Thanking God for Each Other
May God Be Glorified
David Giving Melody
First Kiss
Melody & Peter
Bridge to Reception
This is the Day
and Saranade
Serving One Another in Love
Bride & Groom Shoe Game
P&M With Kevin
Marcus & Cheryl
To Have and To Hold
Neal & Lida
Bride & Groom Waltz Comes First
From This Day Forward


Lanita said...

What a beautiful bride!!
I love the photo with all the nieces and nephews.
Will they be living in CA?

Brandon Judy said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Praise the Lord!
Brother Brandon Judy

Marjo B said...

These are such beautiful, beautiful pictures! They are a wonderful looking couple; I am so happy for them! Praise the Lord. It looked like such a blessed day.

Lanita said...

What a beautiful wedding!! I absolutely love all the new family photos. Your family is growing by leaps and bounds, how very exciting.