Monday, May 31, 2010

Zachary Robinson ~ Sarah Clipp Wedding

Zachary leaves his family to be united with his wife.
They searched for the newlyweds
but Zachary & Sarah kept their destination a secret. :)
Art reported that (our daughter) Fama is performing well as a Robinson.
Zachary with his Dad, Dr. Art Robinson

Their home will be beautiful.
Richard Clipp gives Sarah to a man he trusts.
Zachary & Sarah are a great example to all.
First Kiss!
Finally holding hands!
The Clipps with the Newly Formed Family
We are so proud of Zachary & Sarah.
Their marriage is evidence of the hand of God at work.
I pray their example will go far as they seek to please Him.

Photos courtesy of Sandy McElroy Jackson,
Ralph Swanson and Nick Jeschke


Matthew said...

Well they are not in this volcano, I guess I will have to try another!!

Esther said...

Newlyweds need privacy. God calls for a year of just being together without being called off to duty. They need to learn to follow God as a new household.

Sarah Robinson said...

Thank you Seppi Family for sharing your love with us. We had the most wonderful day!! One thing that people got wrong was where we went on our Honeymoon. My brother, Noah, thought we were in HI, But we were really in Washington DC! We had a wonderful time. Thank you again! Love, Sarah Robinson