Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seppi Beekeeping History Photos

 The Lord gave us seven children:
Regina, Fama, Lance, Dinah, Victor, Melody & Jodavid

Our youngest loves construction. 

Victor showed Jd how to mow...

...and hunt

 Even Grandpa Dave Seppi
built bee boxes.

He was pleased when Lance & Victor 
took him out to see their hives.
Grandpa lived with us from Jan. till June 2006
when he passed away.

Victor Practicing Welding
 Bees Come In With the Honey 

 Jd Mowing a Path in the Garden 

Dinah Taking Note
Melody is my Apprentice Bookkeeper

Preserving Bee Boxes

Some barrels are used for watering the bees,
 others are for shipping honey. 

Ross & Carter made a Bee Crisis Documentary

Mites are a great enemy of the bee.
 Heading out to Work
Making Pollen Patties

Where did it go?

Our men move bees by night

Where's the Queen?
There she is!

Ross & Carter's interview

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