Sunday, August 14, 2011

Al & Rosemary - A Dynamic Duo

Al & Rosemary had children and were divorced after their spouses left them. Al said to God, "I picked out the last [wife]. Lord, You pick out this one." She was 29 and Al was 42 when they married. 
When he proposed, Rosemary said, "Yes" with the condition that she put away his engagement ring and get to know Al for a year.  If for any reason either wanted out, they could do so. Rosemary believes this one-year test is biblical, yet it was very hard on him. 
I asked if their children tried to put a wedge between them. She said that was a real problem. It took great trust in God for them to stand as a team. Eventually his children learned to love her, but that took some time.  
Al is active at 85 and is still farming early till late six days a week. He eats mostly vegetarian with fish three times a week and other meat about three or four times a year. "

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