Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Courtship - Marrying Well

"Students will discover that the unmarried need to find out some detailed information about each other before they can begin to discern whether the match is a wise one...God’s created order holds the answers for families and their children so that they can marry well."
Sampson lived by his eyes. Not until his enemies plucked them out, was he able to see spiritually.
Getting together as whole families
Working together
You are not looking for a spreadsheet; you are looking for a godly [spouse].

...I was trying to make a decision to move forward or not. Is there anyone else out there who is better for Nadia than me? Better disciple her, better wash her with the water of the word. Thought about other young men. After two months of intensive conversation, still dedicated to Nadia’s well being. It would have hurt a lot. But, I would have been willing to give her up because I loved Nadia. Would you be willing to take a bullet emotionally for the woman you love? This is only possible if you are in Christ, to love with purity of heart and motive. Diligently search out your salvation with fear and trembling.

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