Monday, September 5, 2011

“The fear of man brings a snare but he who trusts in the Lord will be established”

This should be the rally cry, "No king but King Jesus." It is the single minded duty of the Christian to bring all things under the authority of Christ and His dominion, to establish Christian order.

Jesus will come back on His time. We should not try to play god determining when.

“Is that the legacy you want to leave to your children, riding the prophetic roller-coaster following false prophets over the cliff?” -Gary DeMar

They have sold our future for a mess of prophetic pottage at the expense of our children’s heritage which God will not bless.

As R. J. Rushdoony said, “We must delight in the anticipation of a godly order. We must also do it in fear of the consequences if we do not. Either we work
to establish Christian order or we will go down into the hell of total statism.”

“Raise your children as generals in the Lord’s army. Give your children a long-term vision. It stands as a continual reminder of family fruitfulness...Give your children a two hundred year plan so their vision does not die with you..." ~Geoff Botkin

We are about raising kingdom driven children that are purposeful, know where they are going, dominion oriented whose lives are joyful, fruitful, blessed, and are steered by the word of God. They pass on their legacy to their children so that their children are not part of the apostasy of covenant-breaking people that are hopeless, purposeless, without direction.

Do not fear humanist men who build up their empires and they fall down, but God’s kingdom grows and covers the earth. He liberates man internally and externally. He changes the heart which changes the family, which changes the culture, and ultimately the world.

When we are faithful to God, we shine out like stars in the universe. As Paul Jehle stated: "Good works are contagious."

We’re here to define the culture, not be defined by the culture.

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