Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Carter's Shots of Greg & Regina's Wedding

& Naomi 
Greeting Guests
Big Blue Eyes

Candid Peek
Bonnie in Floppy White Hat
Brother & Sister
 Muffin Man

Candid Smile

Helpers for Honey & Brownies

Sweeter Than Honey
Wedding Favors
Family Portrait
Photo Op
Getting Close
David is about to give up his first-born.
Michael & Tim
A Glimpse of Greg
The Lineup
Take wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage.
Greg is pleased that this moment has come.
Escorting Grandma
Grandma & her first-born daughter, Auntie Fama
Regina & Gregory
 Lance Speaks of the Bride Ship Chanaging Jamestown

 Lance Lectures
Daniel on the Run 

Greg Gets His Girl
Thanking God
Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah
Sweet Fama's Adorable Caleb

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