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Does Calvary Chapel's Chuck Smith Advance Margaret Sanger's Agenda?

Some pastors appear to derive their ethics from the culture rather than the Bible. In the second century, Tertullian said that earthquakes and hurricanes are to be regarded as a remedy to control population.  Anglican pastor, Thomas Malthus taught that the poor should be exterminated because they were lazy. Francis Galtin advocated eugenics to purify the race sterilizing those with handicaps.  Malthus made evaluations based on a limited view of resources. Margret Sanger praised Malthus, as did Darwin.

Though Chuck Smith defines children as a liability, God calls them a blessing. Children are a heritage. This is a Biblical view of life. When Chuck Smith says that you need to use effective birth control, isn't he advancing Margaret Sanger's agenda?  She stated: "Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches;" also, "The most serious evil of our time is that of encouraging the bringing into the world of large families."

What biblical authority does Chuck Smith have when he advocates that his followers deny the future by cutting off their descendants choosing rather to decide how many children they have rather than God. Marx viewed everything in terms of economics.

Here's Chuck Smith:
"You know it used to be that a lot of children were assets. A child coming into the home was an asset because it was an agrarian society and you all had your own farms and the more children, the more help you had on the farm, and all.

"But, you know, as time when on and we became really a - no longer an agrarian society, but, you know, one that was really sort of dependent upon manufacturing, and so forth, children no longer became an asset, but they became a liability and I think that when you figure now how much it costs to raise a child through high school and all, a lot of people, you know, they just say, "Well, who needs them?" You know, because it does just cost a huge amount of money to clothe them and feed them and all when they're not really producing or are productive at bringing back into the family, you know, financial assets and so forth, and thus they are a liability, rather than an asset today."

Calvary Chapel Founder, Pastor Chuck Smith Calls Children a Liability and Endorses Abortifacient Birth Control « Stand True Pro-life Outreach

Christians must go to God's Word to define our ethics, not economics, not the culture, not social pressures-it's the Bible which says:
His descendants will be mighty on the earth.
We see the heart of God that
Children are a blessing,
the fruit of the womb is His reward,
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior 
so are the children of one's youth;
Blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them-
they shall speak with their enemies in the gate 
and not be ashamed;
Behold children are a heritage-
the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Jesus said, Do not hinder the children.
 Let the children come to me.
Three times Christ asked: 
Do you love me Peter?
Feed my sheep.
Raise your children in the fear and the admonition of the Lord.
Women are saved [in a sanctifying process] through childbearing.

The greatest thing you can do in your entire lifetime is to raise godly children who honor the Lord.

Chuck Smith has perpetrated the myth that we are living in the end of the world. We are actually living at the end of an apathetic, lawless idea that the future doesn't matter.

We need to give our children a long term vision of obedience to God's word, by not playing God by believing that we are living at the end of the world. When God wraps up history, that is in His time. Our job is to occupy till He comes. We should not play God over the womb by saying that we need to plan how many children we will have.

God is absolutely sovereign over life, over salvation, over the culture and over the womb. Give your children a long term future plan to help them understand their father mind and the mind of God. Do not be enslaved to the escapist eschatology which has delivered nation after nation into the jaws of the enemy. We are not overpopulated. God said if you fear Him, he will keep you alive in famine. You don't have to fear global warming, climate change, governments, social pressures, overpopulation or the future. The answer is: Fear the true and living God.

God does not rapture us out of history; He plunges us into it.

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