Wednesday, June 27, 2012

100 Good Years for Ida Seppi Bruno, a Family Historian

Lena, Aurelia & Massimo
Ida, Dave, Annie
1926 at 42 Garden St. in Helper Utah
 Ida, Dave
Lena, Aurelia, Annie
 Lance, Annie, Lena, Aurelia, Ida, 
at Esther & David's Wedding
June 1981
 Elisa, Joshua & Fama, Ida
Betty & Dave
June 2004
 Ida came and called often to visit 
her younger brother Dave.
Regina with her Great Aunt Ida
 Ida in the family room at the funeral 
of her beloved younger brother, Dave
Ida with her descendants
 2008 in Glen, Utah
Auntie Ida here posing with her brother, 
Dave & Betty's descendants
at her 100th Birthday Celebration
 in 2011

100 Good Years for Ida
She passed away June 27, 2012

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