Friday, June 29, 2012

June 28, 2012 Fresno Bee Club Meeting

The world's largest honey buyer & seller is Miller Honey, now also called Groeb Farms. They have offices in Florida & Calif. Selling honey internationally, they find people everywhere are mostly demanding only USA honey.
Groeb representative, Paul, stated that honey from China has been found to contain lead.
Some from India had an illegal antibiotic. Miller honey turned back three loads of it. 
Nations around the globe are reporting record lows in honey production.

The honey bee heats his body up enough to kill a wasp.
It has 26 pheromones to identify the nectar, which hive and bees that belongs it. Each bee leaves a pheromone at each blossom from which it gets pollen.
If a bee does not smell his own pheromones in an egg from a frame that has been introduced into her hive, she will eat the egg.
Bees see themselves in likenesses with each other, unlike humans who look for differences.

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