Monday, September 17, 2012

Joe Morecraft's Letter Exhorting Homeschooling Families

 I want you to know about several authors whose writings are infecting homeschools with their false teaching.
The first is a brilliant woman named  Susan Wise Bauer, an evolutionist, a revisionist of church history, with a less than biblical worldview, who is hostile toward the Reformed Faith. She has even written a novel criticizing and characterizing the distinctives of our denomination, the RPCUS, calling people who share our views “Christian Nazis.”

Mary-Elaine Swanson, author of John Locke: Philosopher of American LibertyShe attempts to make Locke’s political philosophy biblical and Christian...His philosophy was rationalistic, based on human reason rather than the word of God. When the West adopted his philosophy, it began its radical rejection of the historical Christian approach to politics that had marked it for hundreds of years.

Michael Farris, founder of Patrick Henry College. Farris paints Calvin and the Calvinists as the culprits throughout the centuries, the betrayers of true liberty. The opposite is true, however; they were instead the great defenders of liberty and justice for all. 

Michael Horton's view of the relation of church and state, called the “two kingdom view,” is especially poisonous and flawed. This view says that the Bible governs the church, but human reason, unaided by the Bible, governs the state. [He also said, "I could approve of domestic partnerships.] 

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A Letter Exhorting Homeschooling Families

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