Monday, April 21, 2014

Lance & Megan's Wedding


Lanita said...

Great video. Thank you for sharing it. We really enjoyed Kevin Swanson's message. It was very powerful.

I loved to see the glimpse of Mercy. She is a very beautiful little lady.

Was Dustin giving a hint of some news with the way he was holding to Dinah?

We are so happy for Lance and Megan. What a beautiful couple. May God richly bless them and make them fruitful.

Love, The Noa's

Esther said...

Yes, Lanita, Dinah is due the end of August 2014. They married last August 3, 2013.

Lanita said...

Praising God for a new grandbaby for the Seppi's. How wonderful. Congratulations!!!

Brandon Judy said...

Beautiful Brother Lance! Praise God! God Bless you both,
Brother Brandon