Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chocolate-Fig Pudding

 Chocolate-Fig Pudding
Oh, bring us some figgy pudding!

In your DRY Vita-Mix container
Grind: 1 c almonds + 10 apricot seeds - Break open the apricot pit with a nut cracker. The seed will look like an almond.

In your WET Vita-Mix container blend well:
10 figs 
⅓ c. cocoa
⅓ c. carob
2 T vanilla
add powdered almonds & apricot pits
opt. add 2 T coconut oil or 2 T Concentrated Coconut Cream.
Fill blender with soy milk OR water and two droppers of Stevia sweetener
Blend and pour into 8 cups.
Chill & enjoy.

Here are an evaluation of the health qualities of figs:

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