Saturday, May 12, 2018

Raving Raw Honey

Unfiltered honey contains propolis, a compound that kills bacteria. Raw honey is best because it has not been through a heating process (over 100 degrees, as it is in the beehive) Therefore, it tastes much better.

Honey is one of only three common foods containing pinocembrin (ginger is another), an antioxidant associated with improved brain function.

If you would like a 6 lb. jug, please send your address to so we can send you an address where you can send a check of $45. [35. for the honey + $10. for shipping]

Or $80 for two jugs: $35 ea for honey + $10 for shipping & handling within the continental US.

Glucose is good for learning and memory. Honey is primarily composed of two types of sugar: glucose and fructose. Honey high in fructose rarely crystallize. Honey high in glucose has a stronger tendency to crystallize over time. To re-liquefy your crystallized honey, leave in your car sitting in the sun or stand the lightly sealed jar into a container of warm water for 20 minutes or run under a hot tap. The honey will gently liquefy.

Switzel - Our “Ginger Ale” - Love it!
⅓ c Apple Cider Vinegar, raw and unpasteurized
⅓ c Raw Orange Honey
1 large Lemon, peeled w potato peeler
1" cube of Ginger, peeled
Blend above in filtered water, then pour into a gallon and fill with filtered water.

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