Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4 Wedding in Massachusetts

We met the Thomas's when their second daughter,
Melanie, won the Jamestown 400 treasure hunt last year.
Their oldest, Melissa, and her fiancée, Jordan were united in marriage.
For all those who love romance go to Michael's Thomas Family Blog.
We have taken so many wedding favorites from their blog,
This is the most dramatic wedding we've seen [even is only in pictures]!
Lots of Sewing! Posted Prepare the paths
Rehearsal Rings Distress
Off they go!
Melanie and Lydia
Standing Guard
The Thomas family will never be the same.


Bearing One Another

Let Marriage Be Honored by All Her Honorable Parents Little Dolls Valiant Groom's Men
The Groom Enters
Lovely Maidens Regal BrideKneeling before Her Majesty
The Key to Melissa's Heart
She gave it to her dad several years ago.
He has been saving it for this moment.
They're Listening His Parents and Her Mother
Lauren's time for tears
"Entrance into the halls of highest human happiness" ~ Peter Marshall
The Two Shall Become One Flesh
To Have and To Hold
A Mystery The rings are presented. Thanks Bro!
First Kiss Ah! That was Sweet! Our Moment Has Come!
The third party in our marriage is our Lord and God .
We will honor Him together all our days.
With swords clanging to the beat of the music,
Jordan and Melissa descend the aisle.Mother an' son
"Hi Mom!"Welcome to the family, Son!
Congratulations Bro.!
Hunco Jordan!The Accolade
Symbolic of Christ and His Church
Forever My Love! Melissa was like them such a short time ago.
Bridal PartyBridal Party with Parents and Flower Girls

Two Mothers to Love

Jordan has the key to Melissa's heart. Let's try it again.
Cutting the cake with Jordan's Sword Such Enthusiasm!
So many pictures! Refreshment is sweet!
Music & Dancing
After prayers and hugs for the newlyweds, they said, "I love you," again.
At last it was time! With tears wiped from their eyes, they were bid Bon Voyage.

And so they left...with tears, joy and a bright hope for the future.

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