Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seppi Family Reunion

Jodavid and the skull of a T-Rex at San Rafael Utah Mountain Goat
Quail & Coyote

David & Esther
Lance learning what insects to look for when hiking.
Grandpa told us about miners seeing dinosaur footprints hanging from the ceiling of the coal mine.
At the Price Museum a display showed us what he had said.
The theory is the dinos walked in a swamp. The tracks filled in and petrified, while the swamp became coal.
As miners chipped and blasted coal away, fossilized foot prints were left hanging from the roof.
The Heart Tusks of a Woolley Mammoth
Melody & Jd
Roman Catholic church David''s grandmother and aunts attended.Balanced Rock above David's grandparents' old home in Helper Helper Museum
Is this one of the miner's canary cages?
Ah, what a brother!
Jodavid was amazed, "Look at all the damage done by Noah's flood!" My Men at Steamboat Mountain
Dinah's Petra Glyphs
The tiny white dot in the center of the photo is David.
Helping the Wind
A traveler stopping by the same grocery store
Using His Time
This is the garage that David's Grandpa Max Seppi built for Dave's first car. Max thought cars were nonsince untill his son got an old clunker going. He was so pleased that he built this garage.
Max's stone house in front of it is now covered with modern siding.
We're in the middle of the Swinging Bridge...
Over Price River in Helper
To the left of the bridge are steps going up to the highschool
which David's Grandpa Max Seppi helped to build.
Melody, Jodavid, Regina
Picnic at the Helper City Park
David's grandfather helped build the rock entry and a water fountain for the city park.

Uncle Lance took this one.

Dinah exercising at the hotel

David's cousin Abby remembers his grandpa well.
His voice shook when he told us of his infant uncle's death during a raid on the miner's tents. Jona took the children for a ride. Jodavid will never forget.
Preparing for the Saturday Feast...
three turkeys, a whole pig and a big portion of lamb.

Jerry Bruno & David at horseshoes

Nicklaus w/ Jerry
Uncle Lance
Abby told us about when his father worked in a Utah coal mine. Each man was paid according to the amount of coal he produced. They knew the scales were rigged. A man would fill the car; push it onto the scales, which would say 700lbs. when it was full and they knew it was 1000lbs. Rockefeller owned the coal mines. When the men were paid they were not paid in cash but special checks that could only be used at the coal Company's grocery store. Sisters who were paid in cash for house cleaning jobs had to sneak groceries from better grocery stores.

They would set the races against each other. If somebody complained against the conditions they were literally thrown out of their home and another race was put into their house. Once the foreman of their mine was asked why this mine had such a grater number of casualties. The response came, "Degos are cheaper than timber."

After the feast...

Bocci Ball

Melody & Cousin Destiny J

The kids made up their own questions and trivia game drawn on paper table covering.

Jodavid prized meeting new cousins Anna and John David. Karate Lessons Electrical Power Plant of the Past in ghost town, Standard

All of Ida's descendants were there. She is nealy 97 years old.

Dinah, Esther, Beverly
Cheryl, Gloria, Richard -
Hosting the reunion.
A time to remember our roots

Dave & Betty's Descendants

Lena's Descendants

Dinah, Esther, Melody

We ladies had a pleasant walk several miles down the hill

from the ghost town at Standard

while the men metal detected.

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