Thursday, January 29, 2009

Re: Nancy Pelosi on Contraceptive bailout

Although cultures of life win by default, the world is still hurt by cultures of death.

Beale Philips, who's story we posted in October, was born to a divorced 40+ year old mother who had conceived her in an adulterous affair with a married man.

Abortion would not become legal till two years later, but was quite available to those who wanted it.

Beale's birth mother gave her up for adoption and by God's grace, she is on of the most radiant examples of Christian womanhood I've seen.

This is why we can't say 'just let them think that way.' Satan hates babies, and he specifically attacks the children of God’s people, like with Pharaoh and Bethlehem. But man is made in the image of God, so Satan hates even his own -- as in the modern abortion holocaust.

I tell my siblings, "He who serves leads."

The illegal Hispanic women, who give birth to 25% of the babies born in California, are leading. They may be leading badly, raising children who look to the welfare state to provide, but they are leading.

We must lead by raising children who love God, and love to work -- who are producers, not just consumers. They will bless the world.


Anonymous said...

Very true. He who serves leads - that is what Jesus thought on leadership to his disciples. There is a thin line between imprecatory prayers and loving our enemy. These don't contradict. Let the blasphemers, feminists, oppressors, sodomites, haters of God, - keep believing it is better for them to have less children, God laughs at them from heaven.

Our duty is to tell everyone and help everyone in need, no question about it.

abbykautt said...

John MacArthur has a neat way of breaking down the 2nd greatest commandment: Love you neighbor as you love yourself. He says, your neighbor is anyone who needs you.

Great posts, and great insights!

Shabbit Shalom!