Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jordan & Melissa Niednagel

After you watch the above marital advise for Michael & Rebekah

you can scroll through the video clips

to Jordan & Melissa's [Michael's sister's] July 4 medieval wedding.

Michael [and Rebekah] of The Grand Adventure I, II, and III
have 16 days till their wedding.

"And so, after 6 ½ years of waiting and praying my 12-year-old desire has been fulfilled in the Lord’s perfect timing. I am now engaged to be married to Michael Thomas, a young man who I have known and respected for years as a precious brother-in-Christ, for the past few months as the dearest of suitors and presently as the most wonderful sweetheart! On February 21st 2009 we shall become man-and-wife… Praise the Lord!" ~ Rebekah

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