Monday, September 21, 2009

The Gullibility of the Christian Right

It looks like the Christian Right plans to support Mike Huckabee for president,

~Supported by the pro homosexual, pro abortion, statist National Educators Association

~He pushed to certify homeschool mothers in Arkansas with a state license to homeschool.

~He said he would go to war whenever the people want. He appears to be a warmonger.

~When he left the executive mansion, he attempted to remove the furniture from it.

~He raised government taxes in his state.

~He put a consulate in Little Rock to assist illegals in getting into the US and getting green cards and gave driver’s licenses to illegals.

~Huckabee’s Right hand man is CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] President, Richard Hass. His other top adviser is CFR as well. CFR has been operating since 1921. They want to eliminate the sovereign nations [those not accountable to other nations] into no boarders, shared currency under the dictation of the UN. This fits with Hegel who said “The state is God walking on earth.”

Sarah Palin spoke in Denver recently:

~When asked what Sarah believes about homosexual “marriage” she said I have many friends that are homosexuals and I do not judge.

~She says abortion is a state matter and did nothing to support pro life bills to protect life.

~She is not opposed to Public Schools teaching evolution.

~Supporter of UN Law of the Sea Treaty. This would turn over 70 % of earth’s surface to the UN to control oil and mining and water rights.

~Palin praised Hilary Clinton for leaving 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling [the Titus 2:5 high calling of women to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.”] She says the women of America aren’t finished yet. They are going to shatter that ceiling once and for all.

This thinking destroys civilizations.


Nutmeg said...

A year ago, Sarah Palin was all the rage, but I always wondered if her family was suffering from a lack of having a keeper at home. Good food for thought here.
Amy @ Raising Arrows

Nick Jesch said...

Funny, but a lot of people I know and sort of trust went nuts over Mike Huckabee...... somehow failing to mention any of the things posted here.... rather disconcerting. I read up some on him, and just didn't have a solid conviction he was the man. Too many questions, and more than a few rather wacky positions.. particularly immigration and making war in too many places.

I was also rather appalled at how the "christian right" were all on about Sarah Palin... there were far too many areas where she was out to lunch, the biggest was the apparent lack of a healthy marriage, being rightly submitted to a real husband who was the leader in the home. Seems it would have been the inverse of Bill and Hill.... I remember the (almost) joke about "impeach the president... and her husband too). Seems obvious who was "wearing the pants" in both of these couples.