Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lincoln's War Against Christianity by Lance G. Seppi

Abraham Lincoln wrote tracts scorning the divinity of Christ.

Lincoln “loved” his country so much he was willing to kill half the nation to “save” it. Millions of people will never be born because of that war.

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote 61 letters back and forth during the war, pleased that it would pave the way for Communism: Karl Marx said “This is the beginning of a world transforming revolutionary movement.” Marx commended Lincoln for "…the reconstruction of a social world.”

Lincoln was the first president to have Marxist and Communists in his cabinet: Secretary of War Edward Stanton was an internationalist (one with the priorities of other nations above our own), Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana, a close friend of Karl Marx. No one did more to promote Communism prior to the Bolsheviks, than Charles A Dana. Lincoln called Dana, “the eyes of my administration.” Another assistant Secretary of War was one who helped build the Rockefeller fortune.

The first communist club started in US was in NYC in 1851. Three of these became Lincoln’s generals: Wedemeyer, Anneck and Willich. The goal of this club was the abolition of private property. That is what the uncivil war accomplished. Wedemeyer published one of the first editions of the Communist Manifesto in the US.

Lincoln told a story to his law partner, William Herndon, about a man praying, but it was doing no good, so he threw Mary overboard. This stuck in the hole and saved his leaking boat. Lincoln said this is what he planned to do with the Constitution.

Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, imprisoning 38,000 who disagreed with him, without a trial: "Copperheads," people who questioned what Lincoln was doing. A captain put in his resignation after Ft. Sumter was fired upon. Lincoln had him arrested. He shut down 300 Northern newspapers, throwing the editors into prison. He imprisoned the opposition legislatures of boarder states of Kentucky and Maryland. He exiled one congressman to Canada. Lincoln imprisoned judges that disagreed with him. Judge Henry Claydean told Lincoln he did not have the power to do what he was doing.

Mr. Lincoln said he would meet with Peace Commissioners but while they waited in Washington to see him, Mr. Lincoln sent the largest navy fleet in the whole world with the largest cannons. Lincoln was strategic. He said the rebels must fire the first shot. The people of Charleston were feeding General Anderson’s men in Fort Sumter.

Lincoln confiscated guns in boarder states.

Sherman’s march 60 mi wide 300 miles long in 1864 was unbiblical total war, burning in a scorched earth policy, killing every animal, shooting, abusing women is the fruit of a man after his “conversion,” who made great speeches and high sounding sloganeering. They shot ministers of the Gospel. Fifty thousand civilian women and children died from total war policies. Many were bombarded with cannons. Lincoln’s soldiers broke off handles of wells, burned hay barns, and stole animals. Hundreds of churches were burned to the ground. Cities were bombarded that had no soldiers within. Northern soldiers stole all the food and animals from entire black communities. Hundreds of blacks tried to follow Sherman's army. Soldiers undermined the platoon bridges causing the blacks to drown according to James McPherson, a Northern historian from Princeton.

His war snuffed out hundreds of thousands of lives. Jesus said, “You shall know them by their fruit.” We see a godless man who made total war on the Christian South.

The policy that is taught in the public school will be the policy of the next generation. He led a furious war that snuffed out hundreds of thousands of lives, not to mention the millions of people will never be born because of that war.

E. M. Bounds who wrote The Power of Prayer was imprisoned by the North for saying that Jesus is over the Church, not the federal government. He told of atrocities he witnessed by Northern soldiers against civilian women outside the prison.

Lincoln's wife owned slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation freed only those slaves he had no jurisdiction over in the South but did not free those in the North. Lincoln was reluctant to end slavery even after the Civil War began. Abe was an outright racist toward blacks who visited the White House, telling them the best thing for them was to go to Liberia. Lincoln said, “I am not in favor of making voters and jurors of Negros, nor qualifying them to hold office, nor intermarry with white people, and I as much as any other man believe in the superiority assigned to the white race.”

Even abolitionist Frederick Douglass said, “We do not have a friend in the White House.”

Lincoln spent many nights in the telegraph office finding out what was going on. He is known as a micro manager.

After Lincoln was shot, his son Tad Lincoln locked himself in his father’s study for 24 hours burning documents.

Some good books are Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas DeLorenzo, The Lincoln No One Knows by Web Garrison, and The Secret Six by Otto Scott. My favorite is Red Republicans - Marxism in the Civil War by Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson.


Nick Jesch said...

Having been raised in the school of "Lincoln was right, and a hero", it wasn't until recently I began to seriously study this period. I now realise that the War of Northern Aggression had nothing to do with slavery, but rather was mounted for the sole purpose of subjugating the sovereign states to national rule, counter to the Tenth Ammendment. Recently, as I've learned more of Lincoln's Marxist and socialist values, I am realising that this change is key to ushering in socialism on a national scale. One needn't look far these days to see just how successful Lincoln's war on state sovereignty has been. No wonder the current prez admires Lincoln so greatly... he's taking Mr. L's philosophy and forwarding it with vigour.

I'd be interested in learning of some of your sources... you give information here I've not heard of before. I'd like to persue this line further. Might be scary, but enlightening. Interesting how the victors get to write the history books, eh? Seems more has been left out than would be expected.

Esther said...

Lance has read many books on this subject.Here are a few: John Dwyer's The War Between the States: America's Uncivil War, Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas DeLorenzo, The Secret Six by Otto Scott and The Lincoln No One Knows by Web Garrison. His favorite is Red Republicans - Marxism in the Civil War by Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr.

The Dischers said...

As much as we want to think of Licoln as a one of the good guys, "Facts are sutbborn things..."

Great post, Lance! The enemies of Christianity are patient, long-term planners.

The Dischers

Nick Jesch said...

Esther, thanks for the list.... I;ve just now come across this.. been busy. Back when American Vision had their fire sale" and were just about giving books away, I ordered at least two, maybe three, of these titles (I think I spent about two hundred bucks that week at AV.... at those prices I figured it was impossible to go wrong... but what a pile of books to begin working through. I guess I'll have plenty to do this winter when its too cold, wet, miserable to be anywhere outside working.... I am quite certain I did not get The Secret Six, that sounds like its almost scary.... which is probably why I should find it and read that one, too. I'm also near certain I got Red Republicans.....

After seeing Gods and Generals, I was struck by a very different "take" on that conflict than I'd been raised with, and began to exlpore further. I soon was directed to RL Dabney's amazing book on Jackson (and Jackson's correspondence with his wife.. a very sweet, but very amazing, book, also giving much of the "heart" of what was going on in that time and place. I also had the amazing priviledge of talking personaly with Ron Howard (I think that's his name, director of Gods and Generals, anyway) after the screening of the five hour Director's Cut of that film in San Antonio. He has studied that period very estensively.. he wanted to be absolutely true to history in his three films.

It is rather astounding to learn how impactful the policies set in place in that time period have totally changed the direction of our nation... for the worse. And to see how history has been rewritten to hide it all from modern, lazy Americans.

thanks again for the list.

Esther said...

I've added a few of Lance's favorite unCivil War bookd to the post for all to see.