Friday, April 2, 2010


Poor Sport!
Melody listening with Papa to Botkin's Father to Son-Worship, 15 Lies
Some of misleading statements and lies of present-day culture which can be refuted by Scripture:
History is not important

Greeks were cool and Secular democracy has always been the best kind of government

Good civilizations had lots of schooling. Bad ones had Christianity.

The Puritans were evil and represent the dangers of Christianity and Western civilization

The law says you have to go to school and the smartest, richest people go to college because school credentials from the state are the measure of schooling and higher-order personhood.

Scientific, statist social engineering is proof that man is evolving from cave/ primitive organism status to physical and social perfection.

Pop culture is proof that freedom is license and license is good.

There is no certainty of objective meaning which can be known. Truth is relative rather than universal and absolute. Reality is little more than one’s perspective.

The curriculum is not religious, but neutral and secular.

“Secular” is superior to “religious" in matters of statecraft and education.

The state, sovereign over the family, is the only legal and the best teacher of children.

The state has sovereign lawmaking powers, and only the state has the ability and responsibility to reform people and institutions for a better world.

There is a proven body of knowledge at the state teacher college level that represents the one best way for all children to learn and become good citizens.

• State training and certification of teachers is mandatory for all teachers. Other teachers are inferior and/or illegal “non-experts”.

Children want to be in school with children of the same age, and are better off in school than at home with their families.

For their own good and the good of society, children need the socialization of the school environment as early as they can get it, preferably in pre-schools and kindergartens.

Success in life, and approval by the state, requires attendance in state schools, and full agreement with a state curriculum.

Because education is so important to the state’s agenda, and to the better world it is creating, a person’s value is directly connected to the amount of state education he receives. His academic credibility also depends on his state credentials and licenses.

The world is getting worse because it’s supposed to be getting worse.

Old-fashioned child training methods are outdated.

For many reasons, small families are best, and kids should be on their own as soon as possible.

The safest course for our kids’ success is to keep them as closely as possible to accepted paths of progress: school, sports, college, college degree, job, career, mortgage, pension...and whatever else is popular for today.

The modern church, with all its diverse ministries, powerful media technologies and dynamic leaders, is quite spiritually advanced.

The ‘kingdom of God’ is heaven, or the term might possibly refer to the Church.

Christians don’t need to be involved in politics. It’s better if they’re not.

The Old Testament is no longer that relevant for religious life, or any other kind of life, either.

Full-time religious life is primarily a clergyman thing.

Most religions are okay, and it’s politically dangerous to say Christianity is superior. Non-Christians cannot follow Christian precepts.

A healthy caretaker government is necessary for the common good, especially if it’s scientific and secular rather than religious.

The government could be doing a better job in education.

It’s only fair that the rich should pay more than their fair share of taxes.

The U.N. can solve the war-peace thing better than independent nations ever will.

Jodavid helping Regina with Tea Party Signs
The whole family played Latin Roots.

Regina Gardening
Ready for the Apiary
It's Spring!

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