Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thankful For the Years God Has Given Mother

The "halo" over Mom is just an eye-brow window behind her. She is a saint as are all Christians, though we will be glorified only when we see God.

Mother [Mary] was born in 1920, now has an oxygen tank full time since her hospital stay last week.

We enjoyed a visit with her on Friday at the home of her eldest son, David & Sharron, where she is to stay till a possible operation to receive a stint near her heart on Tuesday evening.

Please pray Mother and for her descendants as well.

12-11-12 at 8:40 PM update: Praise God! When they checked Mom, she had no clogged arteries, so did not have to get a stint put in. The pain in her heart is evidently from high blood pressure. 
She waited since 3 PM today for the surgeon who arrived around 8 PM.

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