Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Let 'em Gouge Out Your Eyes!

The modern-day ammonites want to gouge out our eyes, spiritually speaking. I noticed on my very first time in America when I came here as a guest of your country back in 1988, I was invited to a school to speak on Africa. As I was walking up to the platform the principle seemed to turn white and he saw my bible.
He said, "What's that?"
I said, "It's my bible."
He said, "You can't bring that here, this is a public school."
I said, "Well I'm a missionary, this is what I do."
He said, "You can't mention God or Jesus or pray or anything religious. Do you understand?"
Yes, I understood. He introduced me, I stood up and I greeted the students in the precious name of our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, as I always do in a Parliament, or a Mosque or a terrorist base, that's the way I always start. And then I said, "Your Principle has told me not to read the bible, to pray or to say anything religious." Then I smiled and said, "I spend my life breaking those laws in Communist countries." I opened my bible, read the bible and I went ahead. I could not believe that they were serious that there could be people in a civilized country could honestly ban the bible. Instead, what are they teaching? "Once upon a time there was nothing, and then there was something, and then something became everything." A whole lot of time and a whole lot of nothing made everything. You came from nothing you are going nowhere. Life is meaningless. No wonder the children are committing suicide.

From Dr. Peter Hammond's lecture, "Christian Responsibility"

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