Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Hospice is Hell" Sermon by Joey Faust

Hospice does not preserve or prolong life. Morphine is lethal medication. Charles Philips, former Kaiser physician exposes: Morphine is like a loaded gun which is so powerful it can kill a patient by sharply decreasing their blood pressure and stopping their breathing and can cause death.

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Molly Carmel said...

I have grave concerns re palliative / hospice care. My mother was admitted to the hospice for pain management and shockingly died 3 days later. My sister's husband died in another hospice last month. We wanted to care for him at home but the palliative care nurse put incredible pressure on us . She said he was at high risk of haemmorage and we would scar the young children in the house for life if they saw him die in such a traumatic way