Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Apostate Man vs Theocratic Man

The direction of history is twofold in its historical manifest ion. Apostate man moves towards establishing a radically humanistic social order in which God is abolished and man is his own law and lawgiver.

Apostate works to create a paradise on earth without God, law, or morality. The morality of humanism is that man is his own law, and that no moral law beyond man can govern man.

Regenerate man, however, works to reestablish the law order of God among men, to establish church, state, and society in terms of the word of God, and to manifest the kingdom of God in its every meaning.

History is thus in tension between these two warring forces, but the tension is more than the natural, historical tension. There is also the tension which apostate man inescapably feels by virtue of his rebellion against his sovereign, the triune God. There is the tension of epistemological self-consciousness, as apostate man comes to know himself and his implications more fully. And there is also the tension of failure, as apostate finds that his every effort is frustrated and works towards his own confounding.

R. J. Rushdoony, Thy Kingdom Come, p. 169

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