Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Abraham Lincoln: Emancipator or Traitor

Lincoln said he would throw the Constitution overboard. He was the first to have high level Communists in his cabinet, like Charles A. Dana (a comrade of Karl Marx).  Lincoln carried out plans from the Communist Manifesto.

New American article by John J. Dwyer:
Abraham Lincoln, Stepfather of Our Country

After the revolutions in Europe, Marxist revolutionaries fled to America where they enlisted in Lincoln's war to nationalize Government. Lincoln nationalized the banks, railroad and education.  He was the first to jump squarely into public education in 1862 to indoctrinate all children. Lincoln gave us the first heavy progressive income tax.

We highly recommend

 John J. Dwyer's War Between the States

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JulieBeth Lamb said...

Thanks for this info. As we studied Lincoln and the Civil War when my children were younger we saw that he was not the hero some portrayed and became quite the Southern sympathizers, believing in states rights, freedom, and agrarian principles.

We love The War Between The States, it is an excellent reference tool. They now have an online study guide available for it.