Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Harvesting Honey Photos by Rhonda Perry and Bethany Reeder

Left to right: Dinah, Rhonda, Dustin, Victor
Bethany started out apprehensive. 
She's never been stung in her life, 
but look at her front and center in photo!
Dustin Teaching Bethany the Art of Beekeeping
From Left to Right:
Dinah, Lance, Dustin, Bethany, Victor
 This photo by Bethany Reeder. 
Photographer of most other photos in this post
are by Rhonda Perry, in the red shirt.

 Lance, Dustin, Victor, Jodavid

 Dustin's sister, Bethany and their mom, Rhonda 
joined our beekeepers harvesting honey on Monday.

 Dinah and Dustin

Honey Frame

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