Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's wrong with Dispensationalism? (Part 1, Literalism) Ask Dr. Joe Mo...

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Matt said...

There are many people who are theistic evolutionists who tell me that I shouldn't take Genesis 1 literally. If I were say that Revelation 20 shouldn't be taken literally, and they why do you take one literally and not the other? I would have no answer for them, and this video doesn't help one bit.

What if Passover never really happened? I mean, what the Angel Death didn't really kill the firstborn of Egypt and didn't really spare those who put lamb’s blood on their doorposts? What if it is all only a symbolic story, with the symbols representing Christ’s death and the redemptive power thereof?

So to say only 35% were fulfilled literally is deceiving, for two reasons. You see, the obvious fallacy in this argument is that everything is either totally literal or totally symbolic. Sure, I don’t doubt that many of those prophecies of the Messiah weren't literally fulfilled in Jesus, but some of them which have not yet been fulfilled literally in Jesus will surely be fulfilled literally by Him later. Secondly, how many of those prophecies were literally fulfilled, but not by Jesus? You see, the symbolic fulfillment of some of these prophecies by Jesus was an additional fulfillment. In most cases, these prophecies were fulfilled literally before Jesus was ever born!

I am not saying that every prophecy has a literal fulfillment. But every statement in the Scriptures is to be taken literally unless the Scriptures explain what the proper interpretation is or else it is very, very obvious. Otherwise, you can just make up your own doctrine, and wherever the Bible contradicts, you can just say that you don’t take that part literally. It is a very slippery slope. Many, many prophecies have been fulfilled literally, when most people interpreted it as being only a symbolic prophecy. I hate it when people say that the details in the Scriptures don’t really matter, just as long as you get the “big picture”. Those theistic evolutionists tell me that all the time.