Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Marriage Proposal

Christmas Eve 

 Caleb David 

Christmas Breakfast

Daniel exuberantly delivers gifts
Grandma said, "Oh, I'm so proud of this picture!"

Daniel beamed, "Who are these for?" 
He was thrilled that these garden tools, 
along with a pail were for him. 
He was glad to put them to work.
The Prankster
"Greg, We hope you turn out. We have our doubts."
A gift for Greg: A baby boy football outfit 
with a draft of their wedding invitation 
printed on a photo of himself with Regina.

Greg shared his prayer for a virtuous wife, 
now amazed that God is bringing this about.
Oh, he's kneeling

The Ring
Regina said, "You are a treasure."
The Covenant Cup 
"This is a new custom for me, but I embrace it." 

She Accepts
 Greg said he thought 
Regina took the cup more seriously than the ring. 
Abigail, Priscilla and Naomi 
Jaeleen, Janelle, Melody, Regina, Fama, Dinah and Ashley 
All Seven Children Together
Adding A Second Son-in-Law
Three Couples 
Travis noted, "Two Down."
Janelle Showing Priscilla the Horses
Four generations of family together for Christmas. 
God is gracious.
Making A Birthday Cake For Victor
Singing "Calvin Girl" spoof 
dedicated to Greg, 
 poking fun at what a man may want in a wife.
 I wanna woman who can love me for life.
I wanna woman who can be a good wife.

I wanna woman who can sing in a choir.
I wanna woman who can change a tire.

I wanna woman, she’s gotta be cute,
She’s gotta know her Calvin’s Institutes.

I wanna a woman who isn’t out on the skids,
I wanna woman who wants to have 12 kids.

I wanna woman who ain’t got no rheumatism.
I wanna woman who knows her Catechism.

I wanna a Calvin Girl. (x4)
...been around the world. I wanna a Calvin Girl.

I wanna woman with her head on straight.
I wanna woman I can take on a date.

I wanna woman who knows right from wrong.
I wanna woman who can mow my lawn!

I wanna woman who can sing in the corn.
I wanna woman who can serve me brontosaurus.

I wanna a Calvin Girl. (x4)
Been around the world. I wanna a Calvin Girl.

I wanna a woman
who’ll give me mental stimulation

She must approach this thing
with serious dedication.
She’s gotta know it’s more than just infatuation.

She’s gotta know some Biblical Interpretation.
If this sounds good to you
it’s my recommendation,

Come on baby and fill out an application.
I wanna a Calvin Girl. (x4)

Been around the world. I wanna a Calvin Girl.

I want everybody here to lend an ear,
Cause I been preaching this word for 25 years

If you’re looking for love all around the world,
If you want a good wife, get a Calvin girl.

I wanna a Calvin Girl. (x4)
Been around the world.
I wanna Calvin Girl. 
Lance Teaching 
Fama must live in heaven with these beautiful boys!
Finding Janelle 
Daniel Learning Important Names 

“Daddy, What do you hear?” 
On A Hunt 
Out For A Walk 
Talk Time
Bull Frogs
“I am relishing spending time with your daughter.” 
Eyes for Regina 
Pleased with the Catch 
"This is a dream come true. 
I never thought I'd be sitting 
in a wheat field with Regina, 
with Joshua R and Esther 
taking pictures of us." ~Greg

Under the Arch 
Greg takes time to love each of us.
 Fun Nephews
Regina & Gregory 
Betrothed Dec. 25, 2011

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