Friday, January 20, 2012

Ron Paul Highlights in 1/19/2012 Presidential Debate

"I see Abortion as a violent act,
all other violence is handled by the States--
murder, burglary, violence--that's a State issue.
So, don't try to say that I'm less pro-life because 
I want to be particular about the way we do it 
and allow the States the prerogative. 
If we would allow the States to write their laws,
take away the jurisdiction [from the Supreme Court] 
by a majority vote in the congress you repeal Roe v. Wade overnight 
instead of waiting year after year to change the court system."
~Ron Paul, in reply to Rick Santorum's allegation 
of him being only 50% pro-life. 
Ron Paul has introduced just such a bill every year, 
and it never gets out of committee.

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